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Last.fm vs Spotify Wrapped: Embrace Music Discovery All Year Round

by Jonathan Currinn
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In a world where music is being devoured, there is a season that rivals the excitement of any holiday—the annual release of Spotify Wrapped. For Spotify users, Wrapped has become a cherished tradition, offering a year-end summary of their listening habits. It’s a moment to celebrate favourite artists, tracks, and genres while sharing the results with friends. However, as the music landscape evolves, so do our expectations. What if we told you there’s a way to embrace music discovery all year round, without waiting for that December reveal? Enter Last.fm, a platform that takes music stats to the next level.

What is Spotify Wrapped?

Before we delve into the wonders of Last.fm, let’s take a moment to appreciate Spotify Wrapped. For those who may not be familiar, Spotify Wrapped is an annual feature offered by the popular music streaming service, Spotify. Each December, Spotify users eagerly await their Wrapped results, which showcase their most-streamed songs, artists, and genres of the year. It’s like a musical time capsule, providing insights into your listening habits and preferences.

The appeal of Spotify Wrapped is undeniable. It’s a personalised journey through your year in music, complete with stylish infographics and social media sharing options. Users proudly display their Wrapped statistics on social media platforms, sparking conversations and debates about music tastes. There’s a sense of community as Spotify users around the globe join in on the excitement.

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The Limitations of Spotify Wrapped

As enchanting as Spotify Wrapped may be, it has its limitations. The most significant drawback is its annual release schedule. Users must wait an entire year to access their Wrapped statistics. While the anticipation can be thrilling, it leaves a substantial gap in the experience of music discovery.

Imagine discovering a new artist in February, falling in love with their music, and sharing it with your friends. Unfortunately, that artist won’t make it into your Wrapped until the following December. This delay in recognising your evolving music tastes can feel frustrating, especially for those who are passionate about music.

Moreover, Spotify Wrapped is limited to the data collected within the Spotify app. It doesn’t consider the music you listen to on other platforms or sources like Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, SoundCloud, YouTube, or traditional radio. Let alone when you’re spending time with friends and they play their music, or even when you’re at a party or clubbing. This means that a significant portion of your music journey remains unaccounted for in your Wrapped results.

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Introducing Last.fm

Now, let’s introduce Last.fm — a platform that offers an alternative approach to tracking your music journey. Last.fm is a music website and app that allows users to “scrobble” their music, creating a comprehensive database of their listening habits. Scrobbling involves tracking the songs you listen to across various platforms and devices, not just Spotify.

The website officially launched in 2002 but the current website was developed when two sites merged in 2005, one known as Last.fm and another known as Audioscrobbler. The site was originally an internet radio station and music community site, rising in popularity during the surge of social media sites in the wake of myspace which led to Facebook and Twitter becoming the dominating socials at the time.

Since then, the site has gone through various transformations, pushing aside the community aspect – realising that vying to become a top social media platform wasn’t easy, and instead they focused on what made them different: the ability for users to track, chart, and discover statistics of their listening habits.

One of the standout features of Last.fm is its ability to provide music statistics continuously throughout the year. Unlike Spotify Wrapped, which offers an annual snapshot, Last.fm updates your music stats in real-time. This means that you can access detailed insights into your music habits whenever you want, allowing for a more dynamic and responsive music discovery experience.

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Year-Round Music Stats with Last.fm

The beauty of Last.fm lies in its commitment to providing year-round music stats. Every song you listen to, whether it’s on Spotify, YouTube, your personal music library, or even the radio, gets counted and added to your Last.fm profile. This real-time tracking enables you to see how your music tastes evolve, month by month and even day by day.

Imagine the thrill of discovering a new genre or artist and immediately seeing its impact on your Last.fm stats. With Last.fm, every musical journey is a continuous adventure. It’s like having your own personalised music diary that you can revisit anytime.

Beyond the sheer joy of watching your music stats evolve, Last.fm also offers valuable insights into your listening habits. You can explore your top artists, tracks, and genres over different time periods, helping you gain a deeper understanding of your musical preferences. This level of detail goes beyond what Spotify Wrapped can provide, making Last.fm an indispensable tool for music fans.

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Beyond Spotify: Last.fm’s Integration

One of the standout features of Last.fm is its inclusivity. While Spotify Wrapped is limited to Spotify data, Last.fm goes beyond a single platform. It tracks your music from a variety of sources, ensuring that your music journey is fully represented. This is a game-changer for those who use multiple music apps and platforms.

Last.fm seamlessly integrates with popular music services like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and more. It scrobbles your music from these platforms, creating a comprehensive picture of your listening habits. It doesn’t matter if you switch between Spotify and YouTube throughout the day; Last.fm has you covered.

This integration extends to offline listening as well. If you’re an audiophile who loves vinyl records or enjoys listening to CDs, you can manually scrobble these music experiences on Last.fm. Your music journey becomes a unified story, regardless of the format or platform.

On top of that, there are also options to scrobble from radio stations, so if you go on a road trip, with the radio on loud, you can select the radio station (as long as it is a part of the list) and scrobble those tracks – many sources allow you to do just that, but our favourite has to be Universal Scrobbler which also allows you to manually scrobble tracks as well as bulk scrobble – although we highly recommend you only scrobble your actual listening habits, as “cheating the system” will askew your own music listening data.

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Comparative Analysis

Now that we’ve explored both Spotify Wrapped and Last.fm in detail, let’s conduct a comparative analysis to highlight the advantages of Last.fm when it comes to embracing music discovery all year round.

  • Frequency of Updates: Spotify Wrapped offers an annual update, while Last.fm provides real-time statistics, allowing for continuous music discovery.
  • Source Inclusivity: Spotify Wrapped is limited to Spotify data, whereas Last.fm integrates with various platforms and sources, offering a more comprehensive view of your music journey.
  • Customisation: Last.fm allows you to explore your music stats over different time periods, providing a deeper understanding of your music preferences. Spotify Wrapped lacks this level of customisation.
  • Cross-Platform Tracking: Last.fm seamlessly tracks your music across multiple platforms, ensuring that no part of your music journey is left unaccounted for.
  • Community and Sharing: While Spotify Wrapped fosters a sense of community through social media sharing, Last.fm’s users have recently been creating a buzz through various social platforms as they continuously share their music listening habits throughout the year.
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In the world of music fans, embracing music discovery is an ongoing journey. While Spotify Wrapped has its charm, it’s time to explore an alternative that offers year-round music statistics and a broader view of your music journey. Last.fm’s commitment to continuous tracking and platform inclusivity makes it a valuable companion for music lovers.

So, as you reflect on your music journey and anticipate this year’s Spotify Wrapped, remember that there’s a world of music waiting to be discovered all year round. Embrace music discovery with Last.fm and unlock the full spectrum of your musical adventure.

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The lasting Last.fm impression on Spotify Wrapped

If you are a huge music fan and aren’t following Last.fm on social media, you’re certainly missing out. Year on year, the social team always manages to strike gold as they consistently drop memes about how the year isn’t officially over until the last second of December 31 has struck by – and we certainly agree, as our article proves. The fact that Spotify Wrapped misses out the entirety of December just shows it’s not a full year – regardless of the fact that we’re all listening to Christmas songs, right now, it’s not the only songs we’re listening to, the worldwide charts is proof of that.

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