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Chenneville: Paulette Jiles’ gripping frontier tale hits the shelves today!

by Jonathan Currinn
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Today, on September 12, 2023, fans of contemporary Western fiction, action & adventure literary fiction, and the works of acclaimed author Paulette Jiles have a reason to celebrate. “Chenneville” has arrived, and it’s ready to transport readers on an unrelenting odyssey across the lawless post–Civil War frontier.

Union soldier John Chenneville is at the heart of this fearless novel. He bears the scars of battle, a traumatic head wound that took months to heal. But when he finally returns home, the Civil War may be over, but tragedy strikes. His beloved sister and her family have been brutally murdered, and the killer, known as A. J. Dodd, is a ruthless figure with a dark past. Dodd, who once fought for the North and wore a badge in the name of the law, is now little more than a merciless predator in need of justice.

Book cover for "Chenneville" by Paulette Jiles.

“Chenneville” takes readers on a treacherous journey through the unforgiving landscape of a shattered nation during Reconstruction. John, fueled by grief and vengeance, braves winter storms and confronts desperate souls in pursuit of Dodd. His determination is unwavering, even in the face of threats from a U.S. Marshal who warns of murder charges should he succeed.

Amidst this harrowing quest, Victoria Reavis, a telegraphist, becomes an unexpected ally. She aids John in his relentless pursuit, all the while hoping he’ll choose a different path—one that leads to a life with her. As they track Dodd deep into the heart of Texas, John must grapple with the realisation that this final reckoning may exact a toll greater than anything he’s already lost.

Published by William Morrow, “Chenneville” is a powerful addition to Paulette Jiles’ body of work. This tale of redemption, vengeance, and resilience promises to captivate readers, offering an immersive experience in the unforgiving frontier of post-Civil War America.

With 309 pages of suspense and adventure, “Chenneville” stands as a testament to Paulette Jiles’ storytelling prowess and her ability to transport readers to a time and place where justice knows no boundaries. Dive into the world of “Chenneville” today and embark on a journey of relentless determination and the pursuit of a reckoning long overdue.

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