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Iggy Azalea has teamed up with Ivorian Doll and Big Boss Vette for an incredible remix of “Money Come”

by Jonathan Currinn
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Going all out on an addicting remix that we didn’t expect, Iggy Azalea has collaborated with Ivorian Doll and Big Boss Vette for a new version of “Money Come”. This remix is an elevated sound that only boosts the fierce track! The release of this song acts as the follow-up to Iggy Azalea’s original version of “Money Come”, Ivorian Doll’s single “Diss to Dillon”, and Big Boss Vette’s feature on SNOW WIFE’s “Hit It”.

The original version of this song has quickly become a fan-favourite amongst Azaleans (the name of Azalea’s fans) and has already raked in over 2 million streams on Spotify, not to mention the 3.8 million views that the official music video has amassed. The remix is following in the original’s footsteps, with the lyric video nearing the 1 million mark.

The song samples the 1993 hip-hop track “Come Baby Come” by K7, with the remix also sampling the track. The credited songwriters of the song are Amethyst Kelly (Iggy Azalea), Camara Alford, Christopher A. Stewart (Tricky Stewart), Diamond Smith (Big Boss Vette), Imani Lewis, Jens Christian Isaksen, Joseph T Gardner, Louis Ramon Sharpe (K7), Nana Afriyie (Lord Afrixana), and Vanessa Mahi (Ivorian Doll), whilst it has been produced by C. “Tricky” Stewart, JerkPoP, and Nana Afriyie (Lord Afrixana), This remix may not switch up the sound but Ivorian Doll and Big Boss Vette slide effortlessly in with their raps.

Watch the official lyric video to the remix here:

Giving full hard-hitting strength from the get-go, all three female rappers completely shine in their own ways throughout. Iggy Azalea launches in with her brash, sexual empowerment verse and addicting chorus that crosses the dance energy line that she’s been playing with ever since she launched onto the scene – her songs always make their way onto club dancefloors. Her rhythmic flow and undeniable dominance in hip-hop effortlessly showcase her top-form level.

Her lyrics, both in this version and the original, are full of empowerment (which she unleashes onto her listeners, spreading those good vibes), confident sexual connotations, and her financial independence – she is completely an independent artist, doing everything herself, with her team. On top of that, her lyrics also touch on the criticisms she has received over the years, and how she’s used that negativity as her motivation.

This is her third remix since going independent, following “Brazil” which featured Brazilian female rapper and drag queen Gloria Groove and the club remix of her collaboration with Tinashé titled “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching”. Big Boss Vette jumps in on the second verse, effortlessly matching Iggy Azalea’s flow, direction, and confidence. Her lyrics touch upon her financial success, her sexual empowerment, and how she has haters too but she also doesn’t care for them. Her fierce lyrics are a testament to her rapping talent, add that to her incredible delivery and styled lines, and Big Boss Vette has certainly made her mark.

Stream the remix on Spotify here:

Ivorian Doll jumps on the following chorus, adding even more female strength to this track and we’re totally here for it. She launches into her verse straight after, switching up the flow to match her iconic multi-accented voice which consistently makes her stand out for all the right reasons.

Ivorian Doll’s heritage comes from her parents who are from the Ivory Coast, she was born in Germany but moved to East London when she was three years old – this explains the slight grime energy she flows in, giving a unique dynamic twist to Azalea’s track. Her lyrics are full of confidence, fierceness, and empowerment, linking in well with the track through sexual teases and strong euphemisms. Her flawless delivery is undeniable as she continues to put the UK drill scene on the global map.

Absolutely stunning, unforgettable, and drenched in female empowerment, this remix of “Money Come” is everything we could’ve wanted and more. We thought the original was faultless, but this remix just takes it to a whole new level. Considering this was the first single from Iggy Azalea’s upcoming fourth studio album, we’re excited to see what she releases next and what other remixes she has in store for us.

Stream the original track on Spotify here:

If you haven’t seen the music video to the original, just yet, we can’t recommend it enough. Taking an office by storm, with the film “The Wolf on Wall Street” as the main inspiration, we watch Iggy Azalea storm into an office which is full of men in suits, which has us thinking about how record labels and music industries are probably also full of men in suits.

She’s with a few women friends and they are all holding laser guns. They shoot all the men, turning them into women, making it a female-led office. The video plays off the patriarchy as well as the things we might’ve seen in “The Wolf on Wall Street” but with gender roles swapped, this includes two hot men wrestling in an inflatable pool full of mud – we aren’t complaining. The music video has been directed by Christian Breslauer.

Watch the original music video here:

“Money Come”, the remix, by Iggy Azalea & Ivorian Doll featuring Big Boss Vette, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Bad Dreams Records.

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