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CON THE ARTIST Unveils Debut Single “Life of the Party” with Captivating Music Video

by Jonathan Currinn
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In a world where creativity knows no bounds, CON THE ARTIST, a South African-Canadian multidisciplinary powerhouse, is making waves with his debut single and accompanying music video, “Life of the Party”. The artist’s diverse talents encompass scoring films, producing records, sound design, video direction, and even collaborating with a 34-piece orchestra in Greece. As he delves into every facet of his art, CON THE ARTIST seeks to provide a sense of belonging and comfort to those who resonate with his lyrics and sound.

Drawing inspiration from his personal journey and the influential artists who have shaped his life, CON THE ARTIST shares his desire to connect with his audience on a profound level. “As a younger person, my favorite artists were like superheroes to me, helping me find a sense of identity through their music. I want my music to provide a sense of ‘home’ or comfort for others who can relate to my lyrics or sound. I hope to never stop growing and evolving musically,” he expresses.

Watch the official music video to “Life of the Party” by CON THE ARTIST here:

“Life of the Party”, his latest creation which has been written and produced solely by himself, is a delightful and laid-back tune that explores the complexities of dating someone who may not be to everyone’s liking. CON THE ARTIST expressed that the song’s lyrics delve into the idea that, “All your friends say that your partner is too this or too that… But no one knows them the way that you do when you are alone and in your own space. They may be ‘boring’ to everyone else, but to you, they are the life of the party.”

Flowing with an indie backing beat and a rhythmic vocal tone, CON THE ARTIST is determined to engage his audience with this catchy number that is set to get stuck in one’s head. “Life of the Party” is one addictive track that makes a memorable impact with the highly passionate lyrics full of love and heart which are also sincere and straightforward.

Then, to make things more intriguing, CON THE ARTIST has revealed an interesting music video, which sees him spending time with a mannequin. This may seem bizarre at first – is this mannequin his girlfriend? Should we be worried about his mental state (we’ve all seen those predatory men who spend time with their mannequin girlfriends) – but once he has put her together, applied make-up, and dressed her, the mannequin comes to life.

Stream the newly-released track on Spotify here:

Showcasing strength in oneself and not caring what others think (especially about the one you love), CON THE ARTIST has effortlessly spread courage and self-empowerment, whilst also inspiring all his listeners, with this track alone! It excites us to see what else he has in store.

“Life of the Party”, by CON THE ARTIST, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Wax Records.

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