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Cardboard Sessions: Boundless Creativity With Cardboard Guitars, Drums, and Keyboards Exploring Symphonies of Expression

by Jonathan Currinn
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In the heart of musical experimentation lies a unique gem—Cardboard Sessions. This innovative YouTube series, produced by the collaborative genius of Signal Snowboards and Ernest Packaging, transcends the ordinary, bringing together a diverse array of musicians to explore uncharted territories with instruments crafted entirely from cardboard.

Cardboard Sessions, not just a video series but a creative concept, is a testament to the progressive ideas in sports and music. The brainchild of Signal Snowboards, an independent snowboard brand founded in 2005, and the creative minds at Ernest Packaging, this series is more than a showcase; it’s an exploration of the love of music, offering artists a platform to create something entirely original with no rehearsals, no plans, and certainly no rules.

The 20th episode of Cardboard Sessions, released on January 17, 2024, is a glimpse into the magic that unfolds when musicians are handed cardboard instruments and encouraged to let their creativity run wild. Featuring the powerhouse vocalist Meg Myers, this episode is a prime example of the series’ commitment to pushing boundaries.

In this session, Myers takes the stage with a cardboard guitar and keyboard, delivering a performance that goes beyond the conventional. The track “Secret”, performed for the first time in this session, unveils Myers’s signature blend of alternative rock, pop, and singer-songwriter vibes, exploring themes of love, desire, and personal struggle.

What sets Cardboard Sessions apart is not just the extraordinary musical talent it attracts, but the spontaneous collaborations that arise. The ensemble for Meg Myers’ session included Chris Chaney on cardboard bass, Gill Sharone on cardboard drums, and Shawn Barry on cardboard guitar—a lineup that had never played together before, highlighting the series’ dedication to unpredictability and originality.

The sessions have really taken on a life of their own, going on to impress many singers, guitarists, drummers, keyboardists, and more. The most popular video to date has over 240,000 views, which saw ZZ Top’s Billy F Gibbons and former member of Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver, Matt Sorum, walk into Goodnoise Studio and record a song, especially for Cardboard Sessions, titled “Cuttin’ Up Paper”.

It’s undeniable how incredible this video is and watching Gibbons’ amazement when Sorum shows him the cardboard guitar truly adds to the magic of the video. On top of this amazing performance, which definitely showcases Gibbons’ incredible skills on the guitar (as well as his and Sorum’s songwriting skills since “Cuttin’ Up Paper” is such a jam), a behind-the-scenes video has also been released,

It’s not easy to top Gibbons and Sorum, but following closely behind in views is the Dogstar episode which currently stands at over 145,000 views. For those who don’t know, Dogstar are a three-piece band that were active in the mid-’90s to early-’00s, and later reformed in 2023.

They gained significant attention due to their bassist being none other than Hollywood royalty, Keanu Reeves (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Speed, The Matrix films, Constantine, the John Wick films). He’s not the only actor though, the drummer, Robert Mailhouse has also starred in films and TV series including the soap opera Days of Our Lives and the web series Easy to Assemble. Then there’s the lead vocalist, Bret Domrose, who has gone on to write and compose music for a variety of films and TV.

It’s no wonder that Dogstar’s Cardboard Session has gone on to become the second-most-popular video of the series, to date. The trio went on to perform their song “Breach” which is the 12th track from their latest album “Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees” which was released in October 2023, at the Sunset Sound recording studio. The behind-the-scenes video encapsulates their incredulity and their curiosity since the instruments are made out of cardboard.

Past sessions have featured an impressive lineup of artists, including J Mascis, Terry Reid, Preservation Hall All-Star Band, LP, and more. Each session is a canvas for artists to explore the depths of their creativity, transcending the limitations of traditional instruments.

Collaborating together to produce this series are Signal Snowboards and Ernest Packaging, the former was founded in 2005 and are an independent snowboard brand that weaves together the realms of snowboarding, music, and storytelling, forming powerful connections in the process; whereas the latter are a family-owned company, founded in 1946, that focuses on end-to-end business solutions that do more than just deliver boxes and bubble wrap, the also streamline processes while keeping costs low and social buzz up. They first debuted the Cardboard Sessions in March 2022 with Jon Theodore and Isaiah Mitchell jamming with the cardboard instruments.

In the world of artistic experimentation, Cardboard Sessions emerges as a pioneer, constantly pushing the boundaries where music and creativity intersect. With each episode, it invites artists into an uncharted realm, fostering an environment where spontaneity reigns and innovation flourishes. As Cardboard Sessions continues, it remains an open canvas for creators, a space where cardboard instruments become vessels for untold stories and unexplored melodies. The series stands testament to the boundless possibilities that arise when passion, creativity, and the simplicity of cardboard converge in a harmonious crescendo.

We’re excited to see who next performs a cardboard session. There are many top artists, guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, drummers, and multi-instrumentalists who we’d love to see react to these incredible cardboard instruments including Orianthi, Avril Lavigne, Keith Urban, Dave Grohl, Brian May, Carrie Underwood, Lindsey Buckingham, Green Day, Dolly Parton, Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift, Steven Tyler, and so many more. We can’t help but hope more are on their way—a lot more.

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