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Fox Hunters Club: Brownie Marie Redefines Relationships in NYC by Launching Exciting New Dating App

by Jonathan Currinn
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In an exciting development for the dating scene, celebrity journalist Brownie Marie has launched the innovative Fox Hunters Club dating app, catering to millennial women in search of genuine, committed relationships with older men. This groundbreaking platform is now live in the vibrant New York City area, introducing a refreshing alternative to conventional dating apps.

New York-based multimedia journalist and entrepreneur, Brownie Marie is probably best known for her captivating interviews with luminaries spanning film, fashion, and music over the past decade. She is the visionary behind this new dating app and her illustrious career includes engaging conversations with icons like Wyclef Jean, Kim Cattrall, Carmelo Anthony, John Leguizamo, Jennifer Garner, Ice-T, and Nicolas Cage, amongst others, that have been showcased on esteemed media outlets such as CBS, AXS, and Newser. As the founder of Life Entertainment News, Brownie Marie brings a wealth of experience in covering diverse entertainment and lifestyle topics.

Logo of Fox Hunters Club which is a grey fox design with the words underneath in white.
Fox Hunters Club logo.

Unlike typical dating apps, Fox Hunters Club is dedicated to fostering meaningful connections devoid of transactional undertones. This isn’t about pairing college students with millionaires or facilitating casual hook-ups and one-night stands. Instead, the app caters to individuals seeking substantial relationships characterised by genuine affection and mutual respect.

Expressing her enthusiasm for the launch, Brownie Marie shared, “I’m thrilled to introduce Fox Hunters Club to the world. This app fills a void in the dating landscape, offering a platform where members can pursue authentic relationships with like-minded individuals.”

Mid-shot of Brownie Marie posing with her arms crossed, wearing a tie-dye blue, white, red, and purple top with lace globes.
Founder of Fox Hunters Club, Brownie Marie

Brownie Marie’s new dating app is now available for download on both the App Store and Google Play, marking its debut in the New York City market as of April 24, 2024. Future plans include expansion into additional markets and eventual nationwide availability.

For millennial women seeking enduring connections with mature partners, Fox Hunters Club promises a fresh and purposeful approach to dating. Discover the app’s transformative potential and embark on a journey toward fulfilling relationships, today.

Experience the Fox Hunters Club vision firsthand by downloading the app and joining a community dedicated to meaningful connections. For more information and updates, visit the Fox Hunters Club website by clicking here.

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