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Afrobeat Sensation DJ Flex Drops “ODO”: An Alluring Melodic Marvel

by Jonathan Currinn
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In a jubilant return to the music scene, Newark’s own DJ Flex, born Felix Erwiah, presents a tantalising slice of rhythmic euphoria with his latest melodic offering, “ODO”. Rooted in Ghanaian heritage, this enchanting track emerges as a playful yet profoundly universal ode to romance, drawing inspiration from the rich cultural tapestry of the West African Twi dialect, where “ODO” affectionately translates to Odoyewu, encapsulating the spectrum of love in Ghanaian culture.

A luminary in the realm of producer-artists, DJ Flex has traversed diverse musical landscapes, collaborating with industry powerhouses like Megan Thee Stallion, Shenseea, Mýa, Nija, and Nigerian sensation Minz. His musical prowess has earned him prestigious spots on Spotify’s editorial playlists, amassing over 30 million streams. Notably, he’s performed an incredible Boiler Room set and earned airtime on BBC Radio and OVO Sound Radio, all while embracing a distinctive sound shaped by Afrobeats, Jersey Club, and Baile Funk. Now signed to Virgin Music Distribution / Ingrooves, “ODO” sets the stage for an upcoming album slated for 2024.

Written by Felix Erwiah, whilst it has been produced by Sennen Ntul, “ODO” is a full-on rhythmic-inducing Afrobeats song, with DJ Flex showcasing his innate ability for music as a whole. Fired-up vocals that coalesce brilliantly with the melodic beats,, this rising superstar brings it for this latest single and presents his heartfelt lyrics to the world. As the track develops, the addictive chorus hits, allowing the track to breathe whilst also encapsulating this incredible artist’s multi-genre influences.

Reflecting on “ODO”, DJ Flex shares, “When I am creating, I love the feeling of merging different cultures and allowing the sound of the song to speak with people on a deeper connection. My goal when I was creating this song was to bring elevation to the current sound of Afrobeats and adding a message everyone in the world can relate to, which is love.”

Hailing from a working-class neighbourhood in Newark, DJ Flex’s introduction to the pulsating world of dance music stemmed from his father’s immersive involvement in capturing the vibrant essence of Ghanaian diasporic gatherings as a videographer – alongside his two jobs of being a cab driver and a Fedex employee. As a young boy, amidst these spirited gatherings, the budding DJ observed the captivating sway of the crowd, sparking an insatiable fascination with music. His journey commenced as a teenager, experimenting with basic equipment, leading to gigs across the Northeast and beyond, from Atlanta to Germany, all while juggling college and odd jobs.

The trajectory of DJ Flex’s life took a challenging turn when his father fell victim to a stroke, necessitating this artist to become his primary caregiver while pursuing his education and navigating a myriad of jobs. Tragically, his father’s passing during the tumultuous era of the Covid epidemic in 2020 became the catalyst for DJ Flex to wholeheartedly embrace music, honouring his father’s enduring sacrifices that paved the path for his musical destiny.

The release of “ODO” marks a triumphant chapter in DJ Flex’s musical journey, fusing diverse cultural influences into an exhilarating sonic experience that resonates with audiences worldwide, reaffirming the unifying power of love through music.

“ODO”, by DJ Flex, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via 88 Productions Inc. Look out for his upcoming album in which this is the first single, set to be released in 2024.

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