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SACHA Captures Deep Emotion in Stunning Live Performances of “nothing else” and “flowers”

by Jonathan Currinn
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Photo Credit: Charlotte Benezech

Two awesome captivating live performance videos have been released by SACHA, which is the musical project of Paris-based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer Sacha Arnaud. The performances of “nothing else” and “flowers” offer a raw and intimate glimpse into the artistry of SACHA, previously known as Johnny Longlegs. The songs, of which, were originally released under his former alias, but now under his first name, they take on a new authentic vibe.

With intensity, grit, and a whole host of acoustic vibes, SACHA takes these two tracks to a whole new level. Recorded by Guillaume André and assisted by Raphaël Guédin, whilst Sacha Arnaud handled the mixing and François Fannelli handled the mastering, both live performance visuals draw the audience in, welcoming us to take a seat within the Audioscope Studio in Paris, and just feel the real and honest integrity from SACHA and his accompanied artists who blend their instruments skillfully while mastering the art of harmonies to fully unleash the meaning of the songs.

“nothing else” transports listeners into the world of someone constantly on the move, creating a celestial soundscape that reflects the freedom and challenges of a life without a permanent home. Written during a period when SACHA didn’t have a place to call his own, the song features soft guitar chords and gorgeous harmonies. SACHA reflects on this time with a mix of freedom and loneliness, sharing, “I was free flowing, moving from city to city on tour, working on music or just visiting friends and family. It was an incredible experience but it also shed a lot of light on how lonely I feel a lot of the time and for that, this song is precious to me.”

“flowers”, on the other hand, is a heartfelt love story penned after a brief but memorable encounter in California, just before the pandemic began. SACHA explains, “We only hung out a few times in L.A., had a couple of dates and we never saw each other again after that.” The track encapsulates the powerful emotions of love and the subsequent return to reality. this singer-songwriter’s poetic and imaginative lyrics transport listeners to that brief, enchanting few dates, evoking a sense of magic and wistfulness. These words are carried by warm, organic instrumentation, crafting an intimate soundscape that mirrors the highs and lows of love.

These performances are completely live, with no edits, right there in that studio, showcasing SACHA’s genuine talent and emotional depth. Filmed in a single shot by Reuben Bocobza, the videos were captured using analogue camera lenses on a digital camera, adding a nostalgic and authentic touch to the visuals. We watch them in black and white allowing the viewers to be drawn deeply into the session creating an acute and heartfelt experience.

SACHA’s debut EP, “CHANGE OF HEART,” is set to be released later this year, and these performances are the perfect showcase of what we can expect from this forthcoming collection of tracks. This EP represents a pivotal moment in this artist’s career, exploring profound themes of family and identity as he seeks genuine self-expression and authenticity. After years of creative collaboration and touring with different artists and bands in the vibrant music scenes of Berlin and Paris, SACHA is prepared to reveal this new and deeply personal chapter of his musical evolution.

We’re excited for SACHA’s upcoming release of “CHANGE OF HEART”. In the meantime, immerse yourself in the enchanting live performances of “nothing else” and “flowers”, which are both now available to view on YouTube. We sure will be watching these visuals again and again.

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