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Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood Launches with Fangtastic Updates

by Jonathan Currinn
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Today marks the highly-anticipated release of Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood by Skybound Games. It is a single-player bullet hell auto-roguelite that promises to offer gamers a bloody good time. Developed by Mega Cat Studios, in the inspiration of the iconic Universal Pictures movie, this game takes players on a darkly comedic adventure through the underworld of Dracula’s domain.

Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood brings a unique blend of one-touch gameplay and frenetic room-based action to the gaming world. Players step into the shoes of Renfield, tasked with satisfying Dracula’s insatiable demands. As the newest addition to Dracula’s workforce, Renfield must navigate a world filled with diabolical bosses, hordes of enemies, and an arsenal of weapons that will make any bug shudder.

The highlight of the game’s 1.0 launch is the introduction of Dracula himself as both a formidable boss fight and a playable character. This addition promises a fresh layer of excitement to the already captivating gameplay. Alongside Dracula, players will encounter a variety of new playable characters, levels, weapons, power-ups, and more, ensuring a blood-curdling experience for all.

Gameplay of Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood
Photo Credit: Skybound Entertainment

Set in a pixelated version of New Orleans, players will navigate a stylistically designed world complete with environmental objects, collectables, and branching paths. The choices made throughout the game will determine Renfield’s fate, as players strive for career advancement or face eternal unemployment.

Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood offers a unique blend of horror and humour. Players will face horrifying and hilarious horrors alike, battling enemies and bosses in a visual explosion of style and charm. The game stays true to its movie inspiration, making it a must-play for fans of Universal Pictures’ Renfield film – which was released earlier this year starring Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Holt with Skybound Entertainment credited with the production rights, hence the release of this game through Skybound Games.

In addition to the game’s immersive experience, players can look forward to frequent updates, including new gear and challenges to keep gameplay fresh.

It’s important to note that Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood carries a Mature Content description due to its violent and gore-related themes. As such, it may not be suitable for all audiences and should be played with discretion.

For gamers seeking a unique and entertaining adventure, Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood offers an exciting new take on the life of Dracula’s loyal lackey. Get ready to embrace the dark side and embark on a journey of blood, bugs, and endless entertainment.

Watch the official launch trailer for Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood here:

Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood is now available to download on Steam. There is currently a 25% discount available due to the launch, making the game just $3.74/£3.36, which ends October 3, 2023, so buy it now, while you have the chance. The game has been published by Skybound Games and developed by Mega Cat Studios. Players can now sink their fangs into this thrilling experience as of today.

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