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Malek Hanna’s “We Can’t Stop”: The Epic Inspirational Single and Music Video You Need

by Jonathan Currinn
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Dropping his brand new single and music video, is Malek Hanna with the addicting “We Can’t Stop”. The Lebanese-American singer-songwriter, known for his powerful vocals and captivating melodies, manages to impress with his latest track. “We Can’t Stop” acts as the official follow-up to his sophomore single “Which Way To Go”.

His latest single, “We Can’t Stop”, is a testament to Malek Hanna’s unique artistry. The song starts with a delicate solo piano that wraps around Hanna’s gentle vocals, delivering a message of hope. It’s a profound and introspective moment that gradually transforms into a catchy synthy dance track that we can’t get enough of. “We Can’t Stop” is not just another dance track, it’s an honest portrayal of going for what you want, allowing Hanna to inspire every single one of his listeners.

Hanna co-wrote this song during the pandemic with former MBC The Voice: Ahla Sawt contestant Raed Saade (who made it to the Battle Rounds in 2016, appeared on America’s Got Talent as Ra’ed, and also appeared as Robert’s Boyfriend in My Unorthodox Life).

Together, they crafted an inspirational message that truly hits home; to work together and never give up. The single was produced by Xavier Cevrin, and it boasts soaring melodies, cascading harmonies, and infectious dance grooves. With the determination to showcase that the world can be a beautiful place if we unite, Malek Hanna brings versatility to the table to truly deliver the message.

Watch the official music video for “We Can’t Stop” by Malek Hanna Here:

For Malek Hanna, “We Can’t Stop” isn’t just a song; it’s a call to action. With his powerful vocals and compelling lyrics, he reminds us of the beauty that surrounds us when we come together. This is more than just a dance track; it’s a message of unity and hope in challenging times.

As for the music video, which was directed by Agustin Seco while Justin Knodel acted as Director of Photography and Jordan London acted as Assistant Director, we see Malek Hanna gearing up for an audition, on stage – the judges have not been impressed with the previous contestants. A young girl comes up to him before he heads on to perform, and she chats with him, gives him some advice, and lifts him up with some positive energy – something we absolutely encourage here at Good Star Vibes.

Hanna heads to the stage, grabs the microphone, and starts to sing the track, delivering the gentle piano segment before switching it up with a huge dance number as soon as the synths kick in. He is joined on stage by a variety of dancers who knock out brilliant choreography by Nathan Madden, and Hanna manages to prove that working together can bring even better results, across multiple different scenes. The visual truly shows that we truly can do what we put our minds to, especially in groups.

The dancers bring it, and the stage feels absolutely alive as soon as those synths drop in. The incredible cast truly brightens up the visual and spotlights Hanna perfectly. The cast who appear alongside Hanna in this music video are Grace Masinter, Nathan Madden, Bethany Coyle, Cari Ramos, Monique Impagliazzo, Katherine Lau, Adam Sevani, Sasha Capps, John Michael, Riley Byrnes, Heather Downey, Jordan London, Brooke Madden, Samantha Krull, Cadence Blackful, Kamelia Inda, Livana Anderson, Aaliya Lopez, and Luzelena Rivas.

His performance style is faultless and you can truly tell how much this track means to him. There are some brilliant side shots and we can’t help but notice the studio scene where he is performing in a diamond-shaped white corridor with light bulbs hanging from above – this is the exact same corridor that can also be found in 4th Impact’s latest music video for their song “Distorted”. We love seeing artists performing in the same sets as it’s always interesting to watch how they perform in the same environment.

Stream the recently released single on Spotify here:

This unforgettable track and its highly relatable music video just showcase the type of journey that Malek Hanna has been on, how he is now at the height of positivity and how he now has the strength to make this passion, his career. He began singing in his youth as part of the church choir, which eventually led him to a career as a pop artist.

You might recognise him from his remarkable performances at high-profile events such as The Vatican for the Pope, the National Anthem for the LA Lakers, and even on MBC The Voice: Ahla Sawt. It was his appearance on The Voice: Ahla Sawt that truly catapulted his music career to new heights. He then went on to launch a live musical show with Raed Saade, titled “Melange”.

“We Can’t Stop”, by Malek Hanna, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. via RXM Publishing.

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