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“Jump In”: Shaun Chasin Unveils Mesmerisingly Memorable Music Video with Eclectic Influences

by Jonathan Currinn
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Los Angeles-based Canadian composer Shaun Chasin has mesmerised audiences with his latest music video, “Jump In”, a visual feast of scenes, people, and experiences intricately woven together to the beat of the eclectic track. This single and music video was released prior to Chasin’s release of the official soundtrack to the film “MAMA!”.

Renowned for his musical prowess in film, television, and video game realms, Shaun Chasin has left an indelible mark with his compositions, contributing to projects such as Illusion Labs’ Touchgrind X, PUBG Mobile, and Apex Legends Mobile. With “Jump In”, Chasin introduces a distinctive fusion of Dubstep beats, hip-hop vibes, and the melodic resonance of progressive rock guitars. This experimental track, born from his immersive journey in the video game industry, not only demonstrates Chasin’s virtuosity but also reveals his mastery in seamlessly blending raw synth, gentle piano, and evocative vocal samples that transcend conventional genre boundaries.

The accompanying music video is a visual kaleidoscope, a compilation of carefully curated stock footage that seamlessly complements the diverse influences of the music. Chasin, who personally played the Les Paul custom guitar featured in the track, meticulously reviewed, edited, and compiled scenes to create a structure that mirrors the unique qualities of “Jump In”.

Engaging and intuitive, Chasin’s work on this visual is executed flawlessly, showcasing his dedication to his craft, from the music he creates to the video craftsmanship. Edited faultlessly, the “Jump In” music video really allows Chasin to shine for all the right reasons and leaves a lasting impression on all who watch it,

Promotional photo for "Jump In" which sees Shaun Chasin holding a guitar close to his chest, in the studio, with the producing decks behind him.

Drawing inspiration from abstract music videos of the past, “Jump In” transports viewers into a world where older jazz-inspired sources find a new, modern context. Scenes of a cat climbing to the rhythm over a piano or a woman peacefully swimming amongst lilypads evoke a sense of captivating wonder. Each frame is a testament to Chasin’s experimental mindset and his ability to transcend conventional boundaries.

The visual uses footage courtesy of Cottonbro Studio via Pexels, while additional footage was used courtesy of Antoni Shkraba production, RDNE Stock project, Anastasia Shuraeva, Artem Podrez, Mikhail Nilov, and Kampus Production via Pexels. Chasin brings to life this conceptual track, transforming sound into a visual format with nothing but publicly available video segments, which truly shows the undeniable hard work and graft it took to edit the visual.

Chasin has come leaps and bounds over the years, making impactful contributions to a variety of films, TV, and games but most notably, he created the theme song “Our Time” for the anime Beyblade Burst on Disney XD, which has garnered millions of YouTube views and numerous fan covers.

“Jump In”, by Shaun Chasin, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Ugly Kitty Studios.

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