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“Feel You Here”: Alaina Pamela Takes Viewers on an Emotional Journey with New Music Video

by Jonathan Currinn
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In a highly anticipated release, the singer-songwriter and producer, Alaina Pamela, hailing from a rich blend of French-Canadian and West Indian heritage, presents her latest music video for the emotionally charged track, “Feel You Here”, taken from her September 2023 EP, titled “Depth of My Heart“. Written in collaboration with her husband, Michael Kim-Sheng, this poignant composition explores the nuanced emotions that follow the conclusion of a significant relationship.

Track number seven is “Feel You Here”, which delves into the lingering effects of when someone walks out and leaves you for good. That notion is played out amongst the backing track, with Michael Kim-Sheng completely impressing with his ability to transform the lyrics into a orchestral deep house-pop vibe that sonically moves the listeners and only helps to deliver the message of the song even more so. This is definitely a stand-out track on the EP and one we will so be listening to again and again.

Good Star Vibes comments on “Feel You Here” within the EP review of “Depth of My Heart”.

In this captivating visual narrative, directed by Kay Zhang, viewers are taken on a poignant journey through heartbreak and resilience. The music video beautifully captures the essence of a breakup, where Pamela confronts the haunting feeling of a departed love. Reminiscing about happier times, she grapples with the digital detachment in the present.

Effortlessly resonating with her audience, we can easily identify ourselves in this piece and how the end of such an important relationship in one’s life can lead to feeling like there’s a ghostly apparition of that person. In the same way, one may love that person indefinitely regardless of what has gone on in the relationship, but still push forward intending to never rekindle the romance. The visual interestingly portrays this with Pamela showcasing her heartfelt sentiments in her performance piece, while we watch her memories in various scenes and on TV.

It’s a clever, well-put-together visual that is stunning in both a heartfelt and an emotional way. It captures the viewers from the get-go and transforms this gorgeous sentimental track into an engaging video. This is one of those music videos that sticks in one’s memory, it just has such a solid impact on all who watch.

The cinematic journey of “Feel You Here” unfolds with remarkable artistry, boasting cinematography by Eris Zhao and featuring the exceptional talents of actor Cristian Acevedo. A testament to the collaborative brilliance of Pamela and Kim-Sheng, the music video weaves a narrative that resonates with the emotional depth of the song. Through carefully crafted visuals, viewers are immersed in a compelling story of heartbreak and resilience, skillfully brought to life by the creative synergy between the artists.

Official single artwork for "Feel You Here" which sees Alaina Pamela lightly illumed amongst smoke, wearing a long-sleeved black dress.

“Feel You Here” occupies a unique chapter in Pamela and Kim-Sheng’s artistic odyssey, emerging as the third collaborative track they ever wrote together. The origin of this evocative track can be traced back to the Halloween season when Pamela’s rendition of Halloween songs ignited the spark for a truly enchanting and haunting beat. Following the poignant narrative set by their initial breakup anthem, “Can’t Be Your Friend”, the duo ventured into crafting this melodic masterpiece directly after. “Feel You Here” beautifully encapsulates the profound loneliness experienced in the aftermath of the end of a relationship.

Rooted in Kim-Sheng’s classical composition background, the song itself serves as a harmonious blend of Pamela’s raw vocal talent and diverse cultural influences, expertly guided by his profound musical knowledge. The result is a musical tapestry that not only reflects their individual strengths but also highlights the seamless fusion of their artistic visions. This dynamic collaboration is a testament to their ability to create a sonically rich experience that resonates with the audience on a profound level.

“Feel You Here” originally debuted on Pamela’s indie EP, “Depth of My Heart”, which has garnered nearly 400,000 streams on Spotify. The EP, a reflection of Pamela’s personal experiences, explores the complex cycle of love and showcases her unique musical blend of French and English.

Alaina Pamela’s path to success stands as a testament to her unwavering resilience and unyielding dedication. Originating from a quaint town in Quebec, her bold transition to Montreal signalled several challenges which were also brimming with rewards. Confronting uncertainties in employment and navigating financial hurdles, Pamela met each obstacle with an enduring passion for her craft.

Her story took a serendipitous turn when fate led her to encounter Michael Kim-Sheng, her now-husband, on Tinder, where they both swiped right. Not long after, they went on their first date which saw them partake in bowling and some karaoke which included Pamela singing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”; sparks flew between the pair and this became the start of their beautiful connection. This fortuitous meeting set the stage for a remarkable journey, navigating the tribulations of a global pandemic, undertaking a transformative relocation to California, and culminating in the joyous celebration of marriage.

“Feel You Here” marks a milestone in Alaina Pamela’s career and stands as a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the pursuit of one’s true passion. As the music video gains traction, audiences are sure to be moved by the raw emotion and artistic brilliance that defines Pamela’s unique sound. We highly recommend you check out our EP review of Pamela’s EP “Depth of My Heart”, which “Feel You Here” is a part of.

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