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“Cobalt Sea”: Eunice Keitan’s Melodic South American and Southeast Asian Fusion

by Jonathan Currinn
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Eunice Keitan, the talented Malaysian-Canadian singer-songwriter known for her diverse musical influences, is set to make waves in the music industry with her latest single and music video, “Cobalt Sea”. This release showcases Keitan’s ability to merge Neo-Soul and World Folk styles into a captivating and innovative sound. This track acts as the follow-up to her live version of “No More Secrets”.

What sets “Cobalt Sea” apart is its unique blend of South American and Southeast Asian soundscapes. This definitely brings an oceanic sonic tapestry to the table, so it’s not a surprise to see that she created an aquatic-themed track. The song incorporates the marimba and gamelan, taking listeners on a soulful journey that transcends traditional genre boundaries.

Watch the official music video to “Cobalt Sea” by Eunice Keitan here:

Eunice Keitan’s inspiration for this remarkable piece came during a period of personal reflection. Struggling with both mental and physical health challenges, she made the decision to spend several months in Colombia with family. It was there that she rekindled her passion for creating and songwriting. Keitan immersed herself in Colombian culture, even taking a Colombian folk percussion class, where she learned to play the Tambora and Marimba.

“Cobalt Sea” transports listeners to a world where the rhythmic embrace of the Bunde rhythm and the melodic allure of the chonta marimba from the Pacific region combine to create a musical landscape that mirrors the ebb and flow of the sea’s waves. Keitan’s inspiration for this eclectic fusion was sparked by a remarkable realisation. During her time in Colombia, she couldn’t help but be captivated by the cultural parallels between this South American haven and the vibrant communities of Southeast Asia.

Single cover artwork for "Cobalt Sea" which sees Eunice Keitan wrapped in a shell surrounded by ocean waves.

It was here that she uncovered the shared significance of oral traditions and the harmonious tapestry of daily life and music. This common thread, woven from the fabric of everyday existence, ceremonies, nature, and the ocean’s unending allure, ignited Keitan’s passion to explore the uncharted waters of merging South American and Southeast Asian soundscapes.

The song even includes the phrase “Ombak Biru”, which means “Blue Waves” in Indonesian. It was partially inspired by an ancient Indonesian pantun, adding another layer of depth to the composition.

Promotional photo for "Cobalt Sea", which sees Eunice Keitan standing to the left with her head turned to the camera, wearing a blue dress that matches the sea behind her.

Effortlessly impressing vocally, Keitan really takes her artistry to a whole new level and in doing so she’s managed to captivate a whole host of listeners. She stuns us with her art and truly delivers an exceptional track that we can’t help but listen to again and again.

The song isn’t the only artful piece that Keitan has released, she also dropped a music video that incorporates the track and turns it into a visual masterpiece. Keitan performs “Cobalt Sea” on a beach, intercut with scenes of the ocean. Her very real performance transcends the song and makes us feel every single word, as she brings dynamic visuals including performing the track in the sea, allowing the water to surround her. Awesome scenes are shown including scenes of dolphins, jellyfish, and a variety of ocean waves crashing against the shore.

Stream the newly-released song on Spotify here:

Keitan has a track record of pushing boundaries and reimagining traditional soundscapes in a modern context. Her previous EP, supported by The Toronto Arts Council, garnered attention in the music industry. Keitan’s work has been featured on CBC Music, The Toronto Guardian, Exclaim Magazine, Stereofox, Now magazine, and Canadian Beats. Her talent has also earned her a nomination for a Toronto Independent Music Award.

With “Cobalt Sea”, Keitan continues to break new ground in the world of music, taking her audience on a journey through diverse cultural influences and a soulful, innovative sound. This release is undoubtedly a testament to her creativity and musical prowess, promising to make waves in the industry.

“Cobalt Sea”, by Eunice Keitan, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

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