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Claire Keegan’s “Antarctica” Returns in a New Edition from Faber & Faber

by Jonathan Currinn
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Renowned author Claire Keegan’s debut short story collection, “Antarctica”, originally published in 1999, is making a triumphant return in a stunning new edition courtesy of Faber & Faber Publishing. This much-anticipated release brings with it a fresh perspective on Keegan’s work and invites readers to explore her literary world once more.

The new edition of “Antarctica” features a striking cover with an image of a white cat sporting mesmerising blue eyes. The cat’s pristine whiteness resonates with the book’s theme, evoking the stark beauty of Antarctica and the coldness it represents.

This is a new edition of “Antarctica”, with Faber & Faber last releasing the book in 2000. The new edition boasts 224 pages of storytelling that captivate and engage readers across 15 short stories.

Book cover for "Antarctica" by Claire Keegan which sees a white cat with blue eyes.

The Back Cover Blurb

The debut collection of stories from the author of Foster and Small Things Like These.
From the author of the Booker-shortlisted Small Things Like These

Antarctica by Claire Keegan is a grand, cold sweep of a short story collection, inhabiting a world where dreams, memory and chance can have crippling consequences for those involved.

‘No better feeling than reading a book that makes you excited to discover everything its author has ever written…’ – Douglas Stuart (Winner of the Booker Prize 2020)

From the opening story about a married woman who takes a trip to the city with a single purpose in mind – to sleep with another man – Antarctica draws you into a world of obsession, betrayal and fragile relationships.

In ‘House Calls’, Cordelia wakes on the last day of the twentieth century and sets off along the coast road to keep a date with her lover that has been nine years in the waiting.

In ‘The Singing Cashier’, a local postman visits two sisters bearingfishy gifts in the hope that his favour will be returned in kind.

One of the most moving and disturbing stories in the collection, ‘Passport Soup’, features Frank Corso, who sits alone eating green tomatoes and bacon, mourning the disappearance of his nine-year-old daughter: ‘At one point in that late evening, she was there, and then she wasn’t.’

Keegan’s characters inhabit a world where dreams, memory and chance can have crippling consequences for those involved. Compassionate, witty and unsettling, Antarctica is a collection to be savoured.

About the Author

Claire Keegan, the celebrated Irish author from County Wicklow, is a master of storytelling. Her works, including “Foster” and the Booker Prize-shortlisted “Small Things Like These”, delve deep into the human experience, crafting narratives that resonate with profound emotional depth.

Keegan’s writing has transcended language barriers, with her stories translated into over thirty-five languages. Her work, epitomised by precision and evocativeness, has earned her international acclaim. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a new reader, Keegan’s narratives promise to transport you to emotional landscapes that leave an indelible mark.

Antarctica by Claire Keegan

“Antarctica”, by Claire Keegan, is available to buy in a variety of formats as of today, being unleashed on ebook, audiobook, and paperback, published via Faber & Faber.

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