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Brandon Stansell Pours His Heart And Soul Out In New Single & Music Video “That’s What I Feel About You”

by Jonathan Currinn
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This week has seen a lot of new music releases but one of the most stand-out is “That’s What I Feel About You” from country star, Brandon Stansell. Full of heart and soul, Stansell completely proves to the world how incredibly talented he truly is and the emotional music video that accompanies the track just speaks volumes and shines a light on the LGBTQ+ community – which we expect nothing less from this out and proud gay country male vocalist. This acts as the follow-up to the epic collaborative single he dropped with drag superstar Ginger Minj, titled “Sunshine State”.

Written by Brandon Stansell, Sam Creighton, and Will Jay, whilst it was produced by Julian Hoffman Beechko, “That’s What I Feel About You” is an extremely honest track that is set to hit every listener in the heart. We’ve all been there, or we can imagine being there, effortlessly allowing us to resonate with the track – something Stansell flawlessly delivers every single time, creating a soundtrack of queer culture and LGBTQ+ life, wrapped around his gorgeous vocals and catchy country vibe.

Watch the official music video to “That’s What I Feel About You” by Brandon Stansell here:

Keys kickstart the song overlayed by Stansell’s heartfelt voice as he narrates a story of how he fell in love with this guy he met but he’s unsure of how the other guy feels and where he stands exactly. Regardless of sexual orientation, everyone has times when they’re single and mingling – unless you’re one of these couples who have been together since high school, something that society as a whole doesn’t allow a lot of LGBTQ+ people to do – and so we can easily be in this moment, understand his story and empathise with Stansell.

Stansell takes us on quite the emotional storyline within his lyrics, detailing the first date and how he fell for this guy who mentioned at the start that he was just looking for dates and mates; he definitely wasn’t looking for anything serious and long-term. This is something Brandon Stansell thought he was cool with but the more time he spends with him, the harder he falls.

Still from the "That's What I Feel About You" music video with Brandon Stansell and Stephen Garrett wearing beige outfits with sunglasses and holding hands as they walk down a gravel path lined with trees.

As the chorus kicks in a rhythmic drum keeps pace with the piano keys, giving this unforgettable melody which is only enhanced by Stansell’s falsetto vocal notes that are full of feeling – this really means a lot to him, and in turn, it means a lot to us. Powerful, open, and honest, “That’s What I Feel About You” is a track like no other, and one we realise we’ve been missing from our lives for way too long – that guy doesn’t know what he’s missing, we’ll happily have Brandon Stansell fall for us, long-term. Turns out Stephen Garrett chose Brandon Stansell right back, and we couldn’t be happier for the stunning couple!

If you thought the song was a lot to handle, the music video takes it to a whole other level. Directed by Kheaven Lewandowski, with Devin Karringten acting as Director of Photography, and People officially debuting the music video, we watch a brilliant translation of the lyrics into visual form with real-life boyfriend Stephen Garrett acting as Brandon Stansell’s love interest. Superbly portrayed and sensationally shot, with a Britney-inspired bath scene right on time with the release of her memoir “The Woman In Me”, this is one epic narrative music video that we’ll never forget.

Still from the "That's What I Feel About You" music video with Brandon Stansell kissing Stephen Garrett's forehead with his hand wrapped around the latter's shoulders.

Starting the music video off with a voicemail that he leaves on his love interest’s phone, Stansell is trepid as he reveals that he has fallen for him and he doesn’t know how his love interest feels, whether he feels the same too, and where they go from here. From that heartful opening, we witness how they first meet, and how their no-strings-attached friendship plays out.

It’s clear that they’re invested in one another and there’s a huge connection between them, but Stansell is more into the idea of a serious relationship, whereas Garrett isn’t quite ready for something so serious – and yet there’s no denying that from the outside looking in, it looks like they’re together.

And if you can’t promise a lifetime / Then I’m ok with Sundays and some nights / Even if I’m losing my mind / Maybe I’m a fool

“That’s What I Feel About You” – Brandon Stansell

As the visual continues, we watch them spend time together, we watch them kiss – a simple yet beautiful moment, we need more LGBTQ+ kisses in visual media as a whole – and we also watch them argue. There are times when Garrett gets close to other guys, and Stansell just looks on, which gets to the point where he submerges himself in the bath and materialises out of the sea, watching their relationship from the outside, seeing the heartfelt moments like the beach scene, to the bar scene that suggests Garrett is messaging someone else (although we never know for sure).

Still from the "That's What I Feel About You" music video where Brandon Stansell is looking at Stephen Garrett over his shoulder as the latter is on his phone, gaining perspective from their first date.

The video ends with Stansell emerging from the bath and there’s a text from someone who is listed in his contacts as “Boyfriend”. We can only assume this is Garrett and that it suggests a happy ending – honestly we just love happy endings and we need more queer happy endings, even though this technically still leaves it as an open-ended ending. Although, it clearly was a happy ending in real life as Brandon Stansell and Stephen Garrett have been dating for the past year, now.

Oh our hearts, once again Brandon Stansell has knocked it out of the park with another amazing song and music video.

Stream the newly-released single on Spotify here:

“That’s What I Feel About You”, by Brandon Stansell, is available to download and stream, right now, via PEG Records. This exciting new era suits him down to a tee and we’re excited to hear more incredible country ballad music from him. Since Stephen Garrett was his muse for this song, we can’t help but hope more songs about him appear as we can feel Stansell’s love for him in every single lyric and we can’t get enough!

Also, if you want to support Brandon Stansell, firstly buy his merch from his official store, but secondly, you can support him on Patreon where he releases his songs first as well as promises extra freebies including social shout-outs, behind-the-scenes material, signed merch, and special videos.

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