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BLACKPINK’s Record-Breaking “BORN PINK” World Tour to Hit UK Cinemas

by Jonathan Currinn
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In a thrilling development for BLACKPINK fans across the globe, Trafalgar Releasing and CJ 4DPlex have announced that the sensational “BORN PINK” World Tour will be hitting cinemas in over 110 countries, including the UK. Beginning July 31, audiences will have the chance to relive the electrifying performances of BLACKPINK through a special concert film that combines high-energy live performances with exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary footage.

The concert film, “BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK] IN CINEMAS”, will provide an unparalleled viewing experience, featuring the highest-grossing tour from an Asian act and female group in history. The tour, which captivated 1.8 million fans worldwide and secured a spot in the global Top 10 tours of the year, is now set to mesmerise cinema audiences. This special release coincides with BLACKPINK’s eighth anniversary, adding an extra layer of celebration for their dedicated fanbase.

Still from "BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK] IN CINEMAS" film that sees the four-piece girl group BLACKPINK performing on stage as the lights behind them light up in a blue colour.

Directed by Yoondong Oh and Geun Min, whilst it was produced by Tu Sun Song, “BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK] IN CINEMAS” is a 92-minute concert film that not only showcases the high-octane live performances of BLACKPINK but also offers fans an exclusive glimpse into the making of their record-breaking tour. The film captures the essence of their dynamic stage presence and the intricate production that went into creating the “BORN PINK” tour. The documentary elements provide an intimate glimpse into the hard work, dedication, and camaraderie of JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ, and LISA, making it a must-see for fans and newcomers alike.

Tickets for these limited screenings will go on sale on Thursday, June 27, 2024, at 16:00 BST, and fans can secure their seats via BornPinkInCinemas.com. The film promises to be an immersive experience, available in various cutting-edge formats including ScreenX, 4DX, and ULTRA 4DX, designed to bring the concert’s energy and spectacle to life like never before.

The “BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK] IN CINEMAS” film showcases the iconic “Hanok” set, which has become a fan favourite, and features performances from Seoul’s Gocheok Dome, along with footage from various other tour locations. This grand production offers unique versions of BLACKPINK’s hit songs, providing fans with an exclusive glimpse into the scale and artistry of the tour.

Still from the "BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK] IN CINEMAS" film which sees the four-piece girl group BLACKPINK performing on stage as the lights around them light up in a purple-pink.

Marc Allenby, CEO of Trafalgar Releasing, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are delighted to collaborate once again with our longstanding partner, CJ 4DPlex, for the new BLACKPINK release. Since their debut, we have witnessed BLACKPINK’s exponential rise to become one of the biggest names in music with a massive global appeal. Cinemas are the perfect venue to harness the power of their dedicated fanbase, and we look forward to welcoming BLINKS from around the world to enjoy this unmissable theatrical event starting July 31.”

Jun Bang, Chief Content Officer at CJ 4DPLEX, echoed this sentiment, adding, “I am delighted to announce the release of BLACKPINK’s world tour film in theaters globally. ScreenX, 4DX, and ULTRA 4DX are the optimal formats to capture the essence and liveliness of a concert. We eagerly anticipate immersing audiences in the spectacular performances of BLACKPINK, showcasing their talent as world-class touring artists, across cinemas worldwide.”

Official vertical poster for the "BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK] IN CINEMAS" film which sees the four-piece girl group, BLACKPINK, sitting on the floor of the stage, silhouetted by shadows as spotlights beam upwards in pink.

BLACKPINK, consisting of JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ, and LISA, has solidified their status as a global phenomenon since their debut in 2016. Known for chart-topping hits like “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and “Kill This Love”, they have broken numerous records and garnered a massive international following. Their influence extends beyond music, with all members serving as ambassadors for top fashion and beauty brands, and their YouTube channel boasting over 94 million subscribers, making them the most followed female artists, the most followed musicians, and the most followed band on the platform.

The “BORN PINK” World Tour itself has been a monumental success, drawing massive crowds and setting new benchmarks for K-pop girl groups. The world tour officially ran from October 15, 2022, to September 17, 2023, starting from KSPO Dome, Seoul, South Korea, to Gocheok Skydome, Seoul, South Korea, respectively, hitting the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. This cinematic release offers a new way for fans to experience or re-experience the magic of BLACKPINK’s live performances and celebrate their achievements.

For more details and to purchase tickets, visit BornPinkInCinemas.com and join BLINKs around the world in this unique celebration of BLACKPINK’s incredible journey and groundbreaking tour.

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