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Baba Jenkins Unleash Soulful Anthem “GIMME ENERGY” With a Powerful Message

by Jonathan Currinn
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Making an exciting impact on the music scene, multi-racial west coast soulsters, Baba Jenkins, have dropped their latest single, “GIMME ENERGY”. The track is a magnificent fusion of classic R&B pop with elements of soaring string sections and a cleverly syncopated chorus. The four-piece band prove, once again, their prowess in delivering soulful melodies that resonate with a contemporary edge. This acts as the follow-up to their debut EP release titled “The Remix EP”, a collection of five of their songs spun up into remixes.

Written by the band themselves, the creative process behind the single was a true collaborative effort. Songwriter and guitarist Guy Keefer combined a soulful melody with a supersonic EDM break, while drummer Kerwin ‘Skooter’ Williams added the innovative idea to incorporate robot-like vocals, reflecting the trend of AI that is currently shaping art in all its forms. The progressive alt-pop track delivers soulful vocals, heart-empowering lyrics, and an addicting backing beat.

R&B soul at its finest, “GIMME ENERGY” takes listeners on a journey of the heart as the lyrics delve into the difficulties we’ve all faced, effortlessly relating to us all in one way or another. The alternative beats flow through a hypnotic R&B rhythm with hints of EDM and subtle nods to soul that wrap gorgeously around Rone Worthen’s passionate vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

Lead singer Rone Worthen shares insight into the inspiration behind the song, “‘GIMME ENERGY’ is a raw shout-out to life’s struggles in keeping love standing strong. In the hook, I’m practically yelling, ‘Give me energy!’ because of the need for love to stay sane. The second verse? I’m saying I’ve given my all, now it’s your turn. When the chorus hits again, it’s another loud plea, ‘Give me energy!’—I’m just asking for that reciprocal love to keep a relationship going strong.”

The band’s debut album, “Copper”, garnered significant attention, earning a spot on Spotify’s coveted Modern Blues Rock playlist. Their music also found a home on influential platforms like SiriusXM Tom Petty Radio and Southern California’s KCSN, solidifying their status as a rising force in the music scene.

Beyond their musical endeavours, Baba Jenkins remains dedicated to making a positive impact. The band—which consists of Rone Worthen, Guy Keefer, Kerwin ‘Skooter’ Williams, and Ekko Gaha—actively collaborates with Sharing Love With Others, a local charitable organisation feeding over 400 people living on Los Angeles’ Skid Row every weekend. Through generous donations from ticket and merchandise sales, the four-piece have contributed thousands of dollars to this cause, aiming to extend their philanthropy on a global scale.

As “GIMME ENERGY” makes its mark, Baba Jenkins continues to captivate audiences with their soulful sound and commitment to spreading love and positivity through their music and charitable initiatives.

“GIMME ENERGY”, by Baba Jenkins, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Touro Records.

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