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“When The Lights Go Down”: Embracing Synth-Pop-Rock Infusions With Sleepwalker’s Debut Single Release

by Jonathan Currinn
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In a departure from his folk-rock roots, musician Kevin Harrison unveils his latest project, Sleepwalker, featuring the mesmerising new single “When The Lights Go Down”. Formerly associated with bands like Broken Compass Society and Kevin Harrison & True North, Harrison, hailing from Cranford, New Jersey, embraces a fresh musical direction that blends experimental synth-pop with bluesy undertones.

Promotional image for "When The Lights Go Down" which sees Kevin Harrison sitting on a brown couch with a guitar behind him, leaning forward with his hands touching and his elbows on his knees. He is wearing a cream jumper and blue jeans.

Venturing into a new artistic vision that works brilliantly with his voice, Harrison self-produced his new project from his home studio, opting for a stripped-down approach to music creation. The result is a dynamic fusion reminiscent of The Black Keys and Imagine Dragons, characterised by incendiary blues riffs, electrifying solos, and raw, impassioned vocals that showcase Harrison’s skills as a musician and producer.

“When The Lights Go Down” delves into a deeply personal narrative surrounded by rich instruments to create atmospheric synth-pop-rock. Initially penned over a decade ago, the track found a new identity during the Sleepwalker sessions, shedding its original acoustic framework for a more experimental backdrop. Synths, drums, and layered vocals replace traditional guitars, enhancing the track’s emotional intensity and relaying it thematically to the audience, allowing us to resonate with the song, itself.

Official single cover artwork for "When The Lights Go Down" by Sleepwalker, which sees the title in pink neon text over a filtered rose-coloured image of Kevin Harrison.

Harrison, known for his introspective songwriting style, navigates themes of mistrust and emotional turmoil with haunting lyrics and heartfelt vocals. The track ends on a rhythmic rock instrumental that intrigues the listener and makes us want to hear it again. Strong, dark synth-pop-rock that we can get behind, Harrison starts an exciting new chapter with Sleepwalker, and we’re so here for it.

“When The Lights Go Down”, by Sleepwalker, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. We’re excited to see what he releases next.

Promotional image for "When The Lights Go Down" which sees the creator of the Sleepwalker project, Kevin Harrison, lying on a bed with an arm behind his head, wearing a black t-shirt.

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