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“Ignorance is Violence”: Sweet Imperfections Encourages Climate Change Action

by Jonathan Currinn
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Dropping her latest single, Sweet Imperfections – the musical project of singer-songwriter Bri Schillings, impresses with, “Ignorance is Violence”. This thought-provoking anthem serves as a powerful call to action to address the pressing issue of climate change. This acts as the follow-up to the remix version of her previous single “No Words” which featured Jamie Shadowlight.

“Ignorance is Violence” was born during a road trip in 2021 when Schillings was deeply affected by the devastating wildfires that swept through California. Being there and witnessing the effects of the wildfires, impassioned her to create this awesome song. The lingering smoke and the visible impact of climate change left her in shock. The song’s lyrics, “smoke-filled air covering the earth everywhere we go, it feels like the whole world is getting ready to explode,” vividly depict the urgency of the climate crisis.

Schillings shared her inspiration for the track, saying, “On top of experiencing firsthand the hottest summer recorded, breathing smoke from the fires, we felt a weight of frustration and recognized our responsibility to take a stand. We had recently watched Greta Thunberg’s documentary ‘I am Greta’, which inspired us to use a clip from one of her speeches during the outro of the song.”

With a driving beat and a wailing guitar line, the song’s emotional intensity injects hope and determination into its listeners. Schillings’ purpose with this single is clear: to raise awareness of climate change and inspire individuals and groups to take meaningful action.

Watch the official music video to “Ignorance is Violence” by Sweet Imperfections here:

In doing so, she refuses to shy away from the message, and we don’t blame her at all as we can only ever imagine what her road trip experience was like in California. Considering it’s now two years since the 2021 California wildfires that she experienced and we’re in the same situation again, if not more so since wildfires raged around the world, hitting North Africa, Southern Europe, Kazakhstan, Hawaii, and various other states across the US and Canada. Going on to prove why doing something about climate change is more important than ever.

The 2023 wildfires during the last few months have certainly been some of the worst, with Tenerife seeing the worst wildfires that the Canary Islands have seen in 40 years; Greece experienced many wildfires with the fire in Alexandroupolis being named the “largest fire in the European Union”, while Rhodes, Corfu, Parnitha, and Evia being worst hit; Kazakhstan experienced large forest fires; California again experienced a huge amount of wildfires; Hawaii was hit bad with wildfires predominantly on the island of Maui, with a confirmed total number of over 97 deaths, and has been named as the Hawaiian Firestorm; and, at the start of the year, in February, Chile also experienced wildfires, with at least 26 deaths – the country has been experiencing a drought since 2010, the worst in over a thousand years for the country,

Sweet Imperfections showcases the impact of climate change with her engaging music video, which has been created in collaboration with Christopher Hoffee. We watch Bri Schillings perform the track with her intense passion, starting off with a sand timer, which she also ends the clip with as a reminder that we still have time to make a difference to our planet whilst also making it known that time is running out to do so. Her performance piece sees a variety of clips projected across her from wildfires, plastic waste on beaches, and air pollution.

Stream the recently released single on Spotify here:

The impactful music video, along with the combination of the powerful song, is bound to make a difference. We believe that Sweet Imperfections has managed to encourage talk about climate change, encourage people to do something about it, and encourage us all to be aware of our own actions that impact climate change as a whole.

Bri Schillings’ music draws inspiration from life, adversity, love, and nature. Her seductive and powerful voice creates an emotional connection with her audience, taking them on a journey where the heart and soul converge. She emphasises the importance of writing about real stories, real narratives, and songs that address current issues and spark change.

Schillings, known for her sultry, soulful voice and her unique blend of indie rock, brings a sense of healing, wonder, and adventure to her music. She describes her work as “sensual indie rock”, a fusion of emotions and melodies that captivates listeners.

“Ignorance is Violence” is more than just a song; it’s a message of change. Schillings urges us to take action today because our actions today shape the world of tomorrow. As we face the critical challenge of climate change, Sweet Imperfections’ “Ignorance is Violence” stands as a compelling reminder that together, we can make a difference.

The song, “Ignorance is Violence”, by Sweet Imperfections, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

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