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“Smooth Operator” Reimagined: Kristine W Honours Sade With a Fresh Sublime Twist

by Jonathan Currinn
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Kristine W is back in the spotlight with an innovative reimagining of Sade’s timeless hit, “Smooth Operator”. Recognised by Billboard Magazine as the 8th greatest dance club artist of all time, Kristine W’s latest release is the third single from her eagerly awaited album, showcasing her versatility and deep appreciation for regenerating classic dance music and bringing it to a whole new generation. This acts as the follow-up to her previous single “By My Side”.

Originally written by Sade Adu and Ray St. John, Kristine W’s rendition of “Smooth Operator” retains the soul and groove of the original while infusing it with a modern, electro-chill vibe. Partnering with producer Mark Matson, known for his ability to blend electronic and jazz elements, Kristine ensures her version respects the essence of Sade’s work. The movement and flow of the track add to the spirit of the track, infusing the old-school nostalgic club soul with the new-school summer electro-chill that you expect to hear while sunbathing on a beach.

Kristine W in a black suit with a white shirt leaning against a brick wall.
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“There is such a cohesive energy and musicality to the original and you can tell a lot of love and time was put into making it,” she explains, noting how Sade’s album “Diamond Life” inspired her own musical endeavours. “The album is a treasure and it inspired me to record my ‘Straight Up with a Twist’ jazz album live in the studio with a band. It’s an arduous task, let me tell you, but anything worthwhile takes a lot of work.”

Reflecting on her long-standing admiration for Sade, Kristine W shared, “I have been performing Sade since I put my first band together in college.” Her connection to the song runs deep, having been a staple in her Las Vegas performances alongside other classics by legends such as Donna Summer and Prince. The significance of “Smooth Operator” is further highlighted by her work with Prescott Ellison, Sade’s drummer, who joined her Vegas show in the mid-90s.

Official artwork for "Smooth Operator" which sees Kristine W wearing a black hat and a black jacket with light blue outlines that match the blue border.

The remix package for “Smooth Operator” offers diverse interpretations, catering to various tastes within the dance music community. Featuring five versions, it includes deep house mixes by James Hurr and Block & Crown, a tech house rendition by Mark Picchiotti, a disco-infused mix by Matt Consola, and a tribal-afro house take by Dario Xavier. Each remixer has brought their unique flair, creating tracks that will undoubtedly resonate on dance floors worldwide.

Talking about the remixes, Kristine said: “I’m very proud of the remixers who brought their A games to honor our Sade.”

Kristine W’s musical career has humble beginnings in Pasco, Washington. She first gained recognition by winning Miss Tri-Cities and Miss Washington titles, and her success continued with a standout performance in the Miss America pageant. Following these achievements, she moved to Las Vegas to chase her dreams. In Vegas, she became a headline performer at the Las Vegas Hilton, earning multiple “Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year” awards and surpassing Elvis Presley for the most performances at the venue. In honour of her impact on the entertainment industry, Nevada declared June 28, Kristine W Day.

Her recording career took off in the nineties with hits like “Feel What You Want”, which topped the Billboard Dance Club chart in 1994. Kristine W has since enjoyed a string of successful releases, with her 2019 album “Issues Episode 1: Love and Lies” producing her 17th Billboard Dance Club Number 1 hit, “Stars”. This accomplishment ties her with Mariah Carey for the sixth-most No. 1s since the chart’s inception.

Kristine W wearing a black suit and leaning against some black railings with the night sky behind her.
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With her version of “Smooth Operator” Kristine hopes to introduce Sade’s timeless music to a new generation. Recalling a surprising moment at her son’s high school graduation party, she noted, “When the DJ played the original ‘Smooth Operator’, the juniors and seniors had never heard of the song and did not even know who Sade was. It blew my mind that such an amazing artist might be lost to history. Not if I can help it.”

“Smooth Operator”, by Kristine W, is available to stream and download right now, across all platforms, via Fly Again Music. These five remixes offer a fresh yet faithful homage to a classic, ensuring Sade’s legacy continues to inspire and captivate old and new audiences.

Full photo of Kristine W wearing a black suit with a black corset and holding the tie to the left.
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