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Sharl Unveils Electrifying Sophomore Album “Clichés” Redefining the Essence of Love

by Jonathan Currinn
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London-based pop sensation Sharl, originally hailing from Australia, has unveiled her latest musical masterpiece, “Clichés”, an album that intricately explores the diverse dimensions of love. Infused with a captivating blend of her signature pop sound and inspired by K-pop influences, Sharl takes listeners on a thrilling musical journey through ten sensational tracks, each a unique facet of the complex emotion that is love. This sophomore album acts as the follow-up to the fourth single from the album, titled “No Other”.

Musical Evolution and Thematic Essence

Renowned for her captivating storytelling and musical finesse, Sharl, an artist steeped in classical training, intricately weaves her melodies with contagious electro-pop rhythms and evocative lyrics, forming a profound connection with her audience. With the triumph of her debut album, “City Lights”, Sharl fearlessly embarks on an audacious exploration of uncharted musical realms, crafting an invigorating and innovative sonic landscape that offers a transcendent escape for her devoted listeners.

“It’s an exploration of the meaning of love: that it can take many forms, which might be seen as clichés, but who are we to judge which aspect of love is better or more meaningful?” Sharl shares, reflecting on the album’s thematic essence. Each track on the album delves into diverse aspects of love, ranging from superficial to profound, fleeting to everlasting, and from challenging to effortless.

Sharl continues by saying, “I wrote the songs reflecting on experiences of love, as ultimately I see love as the universal human truth and experience that endures through the difficulties that life and the world throws at us.”

A Sonic Exploration of “Clichés”

She kickstarts the album with “More Than Friends”, a tuneful opener set to engage her audience from the very start, combining tech-pop with soulful vocals and clear K-pop influence showcasing her versatile talents. With punchy lyrics and a catchy melody, Sharl sings from the heart, connecting with her audience, whilst also bringing a nostalgic element with the addictive backing beat that has ’00s gaming rhythms that take us back to spending hours playing video games. This is followed by “All You Want” which brings a dark edge to her sound, hitting some awesome R&B sultry vibes that suit her voice effortlessly.

Track three is “Evaporated”, slowing down the energy for a pop ballad that shows off her vocal prowess as she sings about a relationship that has fizzled out. Her vocal runs are flawless and when she hits those high notes, she sends chills to the listener.

Next up is the album title track “Clichés” which has an addictive prominent beat which is the driving force of the song while Sharl’s vocals undertone the beat giving this rap verse vibe before her strength comes through in the catchy chorus. The melody matches the meaning of the lyrics as she paints a story of the butterfly feeling you get when you anticipate the inevitable moment when you get with someone that you have chemistry with.

“No Other” is the fifth track on the album which follows the theme of the previous song but pushes the sound into a more pop-rock atmosphere with the drum beats and the deep bass that is emboldened by a bright brass section. Quite possibly the most captivating track on the album, Sharl is full of love and emotion, falling head over heels for this guy and it’s something that we can not only feel but completely resonate with. This song faultlessly describes that specific moment in time when you’ve fallen hard for someone and you can’t stop thinking about them.

Sharl also dropped a brilliant music video to accompany “No Other” taking inspiration from Disney – right on time with their 100-year anniversary. Inspired by Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, and Sleeping Beauty, Sharl transforms herself into each of the Disney princesses through her imagination as she pens this track, firstly becoming Cinderella, then Snow White, and later Belle and Aurora. These princesses all have a happy romantic ending and we all can hope we too get the same. Sharl goes on to completely impress with the incredible ballroom dancing with that gorgeous leading man!

Continuing on with this album, “Real Love Part II” is next, which is a sequel to her previous track “Real Love” which can be found as part of the tracklist on her debut album, “City Lights”. She transforms the energy with alluring beats and passionate soulful vocals, bringing a pop-ballad that highlights her voice. Hitting a falsetto that hits us right in the heart, this song really shows how talented Sharl is and this is one track we could listen to on repeat when we’re in our feels.

“Fallen” is the seventh track unlocking her dark pop with segmented rock blues that make this track pop on the album for all the right reasons. She really does have bundles of versatility. Next up is “Cut-Throat World”, another track that grabs the spotlight, starting off almost acoustically, Sharl builds this into a progressive yet subtle electro-rock song that we can’t help but love. Following that is “Changed Too Much” which sees her explore toxicity when it comes to love, leading perfectly from the previous track. Her unforgettable lyrics infuse hindsight and reflection upon her heartbreak with dynamic vocals surrounded by an alternative-pop backing beat.

The final track on the “Clichés” album is “Find Me”, which tests Sharl’s defining lyricism as she tells the story of battling with internal conflicts of the heart, as she struggles to let go of someone who clearly doesn’t have it in them to commit fully to her, and yet love is a mean emotion at times, not allowing her to cut ties with that person. The soulful track allows her words to breathe, bringing the story to life in a progressive way, while she makes a significant impression on her listeners with her vocals and emotion.

Sharl’s Musical Brilliance and Impact

Sharl’s artistry is a testament to her abundant talent, versatility, and profound lyrics, which resonate deeply with every listener fortunate enough to experience her music. “Clichés” is one of those defining albums that stays with you for months on end, making sure you remember the masterpiece collection. These 10 tracks prove to the world exactly why she’s a rising star we all must keep on our radars.

Her musical journey has unsurprisingly been marked by accolades and achievements, from reaching the semi-finals of the International Songwriting Competition to gracing the main stage at the Virgin Australia AFL Footy Festival. Her debut music video, “I Fell In Love”, garnered multiple film festival awards, propelling her right into the spotlight.

An Invitation to Explore Love’s Depths

With “Clichés”, Sharl not only showcases her artistic evolution but also invites audiences to explore the multifaceted nature of love, transcending boundaries and stereotypes through her mesmerising melodies. Her sophomore album is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

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