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Jordi’s “My Problem”: A Resonating Anthem for Fearless Self-Empowerment

by Jonathan Currinn
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Viral sensation Jordi dropped a dazzling new single, last week, titled “My Problem”. The infectious and effortlessly cool track marks her third release and is all about celebrating independence and prioritizing personal happiness over relationships. This acts as the follow-up to her previous single “Just A Friend“.

“My Problem” is a true testament to Jordi’s undeniable talent. Co-written with renowned collaborators Rob Grimaldi and Boy Matthews, with the former acting as Producer, the single presents an enticing blend of lively beats, enchanting piano harmonies, and production with a distinctive hip-hop influence that immediately captivates the audience. “My Problem” offers a canvas where Jordi’s vocal prowess and storytelling talents take centre stage, accentuating her self-assuredness as both an artist and an individual.

Within the song, Jordi effortlessly navigates a spectrum of powerful and gentle vocal tones, weaving a sonic tapestry that enchants the listener on a mesmerising musical journey. She takes ownership of the lyrics and floods them with honesty and heart, clearly meaning every single one of them. In doing so, she reclaims her power and encourages others to do the same, as she dives into lyrics which are almost an “I’m over it” letter to her ex’s new partner – who he clearly cheated with when he was with Jordi. Turns out it’s his loss, Jordi is way better off without him.

Talking about the release of the single, Jordi said, “My Problem is a song that is written on the positive outcome of being independent and empowers you to focus on YOUR happiness.”

Jordi’s “My Problem” is not just a song; it’s a powerful anthem that resonates deeply with her devoted fan base. The track encourages self-belief, following one’s instincts, and unapologetically pursuing the happiness everyone deserves. Jordi’s artistic evolution, mirrored by her loyal followers, is beautifully reflected in this latest release. Her music seamlessly weaves universal themes of romance, heartbreak, and adventure into a compelling musical narrative, connecting with the experiences of her generation and reaffirming her role as an inspirational artist.

Stream “My Problem” by Jordi here:

“My Problem”, by Jordi, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Sound Factory Records. Jordi is set to release her debut EP in early 2024 – we cannot wait for that.

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