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From Darkness to Light: Clare Siobhan’s Unveils Her Folk-Pop Debut EP “Seek The Sun”

by Jonathan Currinn
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Photo Credit: Aly Ambler

Clare Siobhan, a genre-blending East Coast Canadian artist with a voice beyond her years, has recently graced the music scene with her highly-anticipated debut EP, “Seek The Sun”. The EP is a mainstream kaleidoscopic folk-pop collection of tracks, showcasing Clare Siobhan’s unique musical style and lyrical depth. This release acts as the follow-up to the second single from the EP, titled “3/2 (Loves Me)”.

“Seek The Sun” is a remarkable debut EP that delves into themes of optimism and finding one’s way out of darkness. Siobhan’s introspective lyrics, accompanied by her distinctive, rich alternative voice, paint pictures of love, loss, hope, and fear. The EP is a musical journey through her twenties, reflecting on the joys and challenges of that pivotal decade.

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Produced by Erin Costelo and recorded at Fang Recording in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, the recording process was both a labour of love and an exciting adventure for Siobhan. Collaborating with an ensemble of talented musicians the EP took on a life of its own. Each track apparently underwent a transformation from its initial concept, resulting in a diverse yet cohesive musical experience.

Talking about the EP, Clare Siobhan said: “The incredible musicians that play on these tracks were also a huge influence on the arrangement and final product, and it really taught me that interdisciplinary musical expertise can’t be undervalued. There’s something to be said for having the drum part be played by a drummer, the bass by a bassist, and the trombone by a trombonist – this sounds really silly to say out loud, but the quality of performance you get when people are playing their primary instruments is really unparalleled.”

She continued by saying, “With music tech nowadays, it’s possible to arrange a full band and to play every instrument yourself, as long as you have a laptop with enough storage. It’s sometimes easy to forget the spontaneity and beauty that comes from in-person collaboration with really stellar musicians, and I know there’s no scenario where I would’ve come up with what the band did for these tracks.”

Promotional photo for "Seek The Sun" which sees Clare Siobhan lying down on some sand with a few blades of grass in front of the camera lens.
Photo Credit: Aly Ambler

Throughout the recording process, Siobhan learned valuable lessons in song selection, arrangement, and storytelling, thanks to Costelo’s mentorship. The musicians who lent their talents to the project added a unique dimension to the songs, highlighting the importance of in-person collaboration and expertise in each instrument.

No matter how challenging life may be, there is always a glimmer of joy to be found and a way out of the darkness – something that this EP effortlessly embraces. The six tracks on the EP are a reflection of the complexities of youth, featuring themes of love, change, fear, joy, hope, and confronting bad habits. Siobhan’s mantra for “Seek The Sun” is a reminder that even in the darkest times, one can find a spark of joy, even if they have to create it themselves.

The EP kicks off with piano melodies in the first track, titled “Mercy”, before Clare Siobhan’s gorgeous folk voice flows in with incredible emotion and overlaying notes that allow her to make a huge statement from the get-go. Her flawless voice gives chills, impressing every listener across every folk-pop playlist that’s played, with “Mercy” effortlessly introducing us all to her music as open and freeing lyrics give her a chance to deliver her incredible emotion and her vocal range ability.

The focus track, “I Built a House With an Arsonist”, follows next, delving more into a folk-ballad track with rolling vocals that have a clear Sara Bareilles style as she delves into betrayal surrounded with humour while conveying deep empathy leading to many fans connecting with the song on a whole other level.

The third track on the EP is “Amelia” which has a laid-back piano style with Siobhan impressing by hitting those high notes while harmonies boost the addictiveness of the track as backing drums develop the rhythm. “3/2 (Loves Me)” follows next, continuing the keys and drum chords but bringing a more conceptualised modern-age rhythm as Siobhan’s faultless folky voice hits us right in the heart, full of emotion and honest integrity.

The next track is “Flare” bringing a more pop-upbeat sound initially starting off with guitar chords paired with her beautiful vocals. The track has an almost acoustic feel to it while the lyrics touch upon mental health and how none of us really like change – easily making this something that we can all relate to. The final song on the EP is “See Me Now” leaves an indelible artistic mark on the listener with some absolutely awesome vocal notes as Siobhan showcases her range by delivering a heartfelt message of self-empowerment.

Clare Siobhan has really dropped a folk-pop masterpiece of an EP and is set to continue to make an impact with these tracks as more and more listeners hear them either organically or through playlists. Her unstoppable energy is extremely justified as her voice is superb in every way hitting gorgeous notes and sending chills to everyone that listens.

Her musical roots trace back to Truro, Nova Scotia, where she began performing her original compositions on the piano. Over the years, she has embraced various musical endeavours, from her time at Mount Allison University to self-producing and releasing singles. Her musical journey has culminated in the release of “Seek The Sun”, a testament to her artistic growth.

“Seek The Sun”, by Clare Siobhan, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

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