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Atmospheric and Bold: Sleepwalker’s Euphoric Debut EP Has Been Released

by Jonathan Currinn
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Sleepwalker has released a much-anticipated self-titled EP, marking a bold new chapter in the artist’s musical journey. Known for previous work with Broken Compass Society and Kevin Harrison & True North, this project sees a departure from the constraints of the music industry, embracing a newfound artistic freedom. The EP acts as the follow-up to his previous single “Burn” which was the second single released from this EP, following his debut single “When the Lights Go Down“.

Promotional image for "When The Lights Go Down" which sees the creator of the Sleepwalker project, Kevin Harrison, lying on a bed with an arm behind his head, wearing a black t-shirt.

The EP is a fully self-made project by Kevin Harrison, known professionally as Sleepwalker. Every track on the EP was written, performed, produced, and recorded in his home studio. The EP showcases a diverse sonic palette, combining influences from The Black Keys and Muse with bluesy synth-pop, bedroom-pop, and dream-pop elements. The result is an eclectic collection of tracks featuring expansive, reverb-laden compositions that push creative boundaries.

The lead single, “When The Lights Go Down“, sets the tone with its deeply personal narrative wrapped in a rich tapestry of atmospheric sounds. Originally written over a decade ago, Sleepwalker has reimagined the track, replacing guitars with a dynamic mix of synths, drums, and layered vocals bringing an emotional intensity with grit, style, and a progressive rhythm.

The inspiration for the EP began with the track “Wake Me Up”, which transitions from gentle folk-rock beginnings to an expansive, synth-driven sound. This song, born from the sleepless nights of new parenthood, features poignant vocals and a delicate piano, exploring themes of identity and transformation amidst life’s ever-changing circumstances.

The title track, “Sleepwalker”, reflects the restless thoughts that arise in the stillness of night. With a synthy pulse and a mesmerising guitar solo, the song launches into some flawlessly held vocal notes that effortlessly showcase the artist’s prowess as a musician and the ability to capture the silent restlessness of thoughts that come alive at night.

Next up is the sophomore single, “Burn”, which explodes right in with an awesome guitar riff continuing the EP’s exploration of sonic textures with its electric guitar chords, perfected through careful experimentation with different guitar pedal settings. The track blends 70’s anthemic rock with sultry blues, creating a sizzling, seductive sound that blends gorgeously with the strong and passionate male vocals.

The fifth track on the EP, “Ghosts”, opens with eerie, atmospheric sounds and transitions into a funky tribute, echoing the spirit of classics like “Another Brick in the Wall”. Through its exploration of themes like unrealized dreams and the enduring presence of lost loved ones, the song crafts a powerful, emotive narrative that resonates long after the music fades.

The EP concludes with the instrumental “Delirium”, a track that defies traditional songwriting with its burning synths and unique key progression. It revolves around a catchy guitar chord set that is then embellished around giving it this progressive twist that proves Kevin Harrison’s remarkable artistry. It evokes the atmosphere of a cocktail bar mixed with a seedy rock club, leaving listeners with a reflective, melodic end to the EP.

Sleepwalker’s self-titled EP is a testament to the artist’s ability to push creative boundaries and deliver a deeply personal and sonically diverse project. Addicting in more ways than one, this EP is one that’ll stick in our minds for quite some time.

“Sleepwalker”, the debut self-titled EP from Kevin Harrison, who is the one behind this project, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

Official EP artwork for "Sleepwalker" which sees a selfie of the artist with neon pink lettering of the title coming across his face at eye-level.

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