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Unveiling Triumph: Ashley Rae Productions’ Cinematic Odyssey and the Artistic Brilliance of Ashley Rae Harper Full of 2023 Highlights

by Jonathan Currinn
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As the canvas of artistic endeavours continues to unfold, with the promise of a vibrant 2024 on the horizon, the spotlight shines brightly on the resounding achievements of Ashley Rae Productions. At the helm of this success is the multifaceted force of nature, Filmmaker, Actress, and Motivational Speaker, Ashley Rae Harper, whose creative brilliance has not only illuminated the narrative but has also propelled the production company to soaring new heights.

The crowning jewel of Ashley Rae Productions’ 2023 journey is their debut short film, “Red”. Beyond a mere cinematic endeavour, this masterpiece has become a canvas for artistic expression, earning not only critical acclaim but also impressive awards from prestigious film awards organisations. It’s a feat that echoes not just the exceptional talent of Ashley Rae Harper but also the unwavering commitment of the entire production team.

This outstanding production of “Red” managed to clinch a total of four awards—Chloe Hulgan won Best Lead Actress at the American Golden Picture International Film Festival, Hope Purcell won Best Supporting Actor at the 4theatre Film Festival, the film won Best Actress at the Odyssey Script and Film Festival (we presume this is for Chloe Hulgan who played the lead role of Billie, even though the festival awarded Ashley Rae Harper, herself, who is listed as the writer and director of the film), and the film also won Best Drama at the Nicomedia Film Awards Summer 2023 Season.

The official poster for the Ashley Rae Productions film "Red" which sees blood splashed on a white floor with a shaving razor next to it.

Gratitude resonates in Ashley Rae Harper’s words as she acknowledges the recognition, stating, “This recognition is a testament to the hard work and commitment of our team. We strive to continue producing exceptional content that resonates with audiences and makes a positive impact.”

Billie, a 15 year old, is currently on medication for depression and anxiety. She is an only child who is very smart but has a dark side to her. She always wants to make her parents so happy and proud of her. Billie has gotten bullied for being really smart. Her parents found her in the bathroom with her wrists slit and her saying that she wants all of this to end. Her parents took her to get group therapy and some real help.

The official summary of “Red” on the IMDB page.

However, the narrative of success extends beyond the frames of the silver screen. Ashley Rae Harper, the driving force behind the production house, has shown her versatility when it comes to her career, going on to diversify and take on new challenges which have seen her tackle more than one career route. In addition to her cinematic endeavours, Harper has carved a niche in the digital realm with a captivating media show. She has also gone down the academic career path, too, going on to gain an associate’s degree adding to her list of achievements.

Yet, perhaps the most inspiring part of Ashley Rae Harper’s career journey is her commitment to empowering aspiring actors. In an industry often characterised by competition, Harper’s dedication to uplifting many others in such a difficult sector is a testament to her welcoming spirit and positive energy.

As the curtains rise on 2024, Ashley Rae Productions stands at the threshold of anticipation. The company looks forward to producing and working with an array of exciting future film projects. Beyond the screen, Ashley Rae Harper is set to engage in motivational speaking and workshops, sharing her insights and inspiring the next generation of storytellers.

Image of Ashley Rae Harper with three other people who are part of the team that helped create the film "Red".

The journey of Ashley Rae Productions is a story of resilience, creativity, and a steadfast commitment to excellence. You can grab a few sneak peeks into upcoming projects on the official social media channels of the production company, as well as Ashley Rae Harper, herself, which are all linked below.

As Ashley Rae Productions make 2024 their own, their future projects are all set to build the creativity and passion of the production company, with the intention of telling stories that are bound to resonate beyond the screen. The spotlight stays on the creative brilliance of this production company as they keep on inspiring and captivating audiences.

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