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The Gulls Unveil Playful Anthem “Sanitation” for Free Spirits

by Jonathan Currinn
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Dropping their latest single, “Sanitation”, are The Gulls, with a playful folk-rock gypsy anthem that celebrates those who don’t quite conform to society’s sanitised expectations. The release of this track acts as the follow-up to their previous single “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Feeling Good”.

This distinctive composition from the band – who are often likened to a harmonious fusion of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and The Grateful Dead – stands as a testament to The Gulls’ remarkable talent for effortlessly interweaving musical genres while infusing a modern and innovative essence into their sound. The band, consisting of the dedicated trio of Will Fairhead, Kilian Aubertin, and Tali Knight, has immersed themselves in the nomadic, free-spirited lifestyle, forging an unwavering commitment to their art.

Written by the band, whilst it has been produced by Sean Genockey, “Sanitation” is a raucous and provocative offering that revels in themes of personal freedom, sexual liberty, and the societal influences that shape our desires. The three-piece band manage to impress with their rhythmic folk-rock backing track, introducing an interesting sound to listeners that fuels the indie-rock vocals. The band dive in from the get-go and they aren’t afraid to say what they mean, in their lyrics. This unfiltered atmosphere leads to an honest integrity from the band, connecting with their listeners on a reflection level.

Official single cover artwork for "Sanitation" by The Gulls which sees a man with a mullet taking a bite out of an apple. The image has a yellow filter to it, making the background a bright lemon yellow.

Talking about the track, the band said: “We wanted to do a fun, dirty, singalong party song and so it was written in the back of the van on a summer’s day as a playful response to the way the world looks right now. It’s like society’s got this surface-level sanitary sheen, and everyone’s carrying their passport in their pocket on the other side of a screen, buying plastic-wrapped dopamine from who knows where it’s been, and hiding their taboos and following the rules without asking what they mean, when we all know full well someone must be doing the dirty. Being a traveling rock & roll band living on the road, I guess you could say it’s not the easiest for us to keep to the sanitary expectations of society.”

The Gulls are charting an exceptional course in the music realm, melding elements of folk, psychedelia, and rock & roll to craft a sound that is unmistakably theirs. Their distinctive approach transcends the confines of the recording studio, as they’ve embarked on an eventful year of touring, taking their music from traditional venues and festivals to impromptu street and seaside performances spanning the UK and Europe.

Notably, the band introduced “The Robin Hood Tour”, a novel concept that brought live music to the hearts of the UK’s major cities. Defying convention, they performed unauthorised concerts, taking inspiration from the legendary outlaw himself by “stealing the right to play from the rich and giving to the poor.” All proceeds from this unconventional tour were donated to food banks, showcasing The Gulls’ commitment to a different kind of rock & roll revolution.

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“Sanitation”, by The Gulls, is now available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via SSK Records, A Division of School of Sacred Knowledge.

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