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“Smokin'”: Experience the Magic of Brandon-Nicole’s Latest Single and Music Video Release

by Jonathan Currinn
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Atlanta-based musical prodigy, Brandon-Nicole, has once again captivated audiences with the release of her sophomore single, “Smokin'”, now available across all platforms. Known for her genre-blending talents and innovative sounds, this upcoming music talent’s new track promises to be a defining moment in her career. It acts as the follow-up to her debut single “Beachside”.

Following the success of her first single release which skillfully combined elements of trap and classic jazz, Brandon-Nicole’s most recent song continues to showcase her ability to blend diverse musical influences. This new single features soulful melodies that are sure to enchant both fans and new listeners.

“Smokin'” embodies this saxophonist’s innovative spirit and exceptional talent. Soulful tunes are unleashed from the very first note that effortlessly creates an awesome groove vibe. The modern jazz rhythm flows as this rising artist showcases her brilliant instrumental skills with her main focus on the saxophone. Melodic harmony runs throughout and the awesome music video allows this brilliant artist to show her performance flow and energy which is intercut with scenes of dancers moving to her song.

This talented artist’s musical journey began in Atlanta, where her upbringing in a military family exposed her to a variety of cultures and sounds. This diverse background has deeply influenced her eclectic musical style. Drawing inspiration from artists as varied as Cypress Hill, The Veronicas, Bob Marley, Prince, and John Coltrane, she has crafted a rich and multifaceted sound that is uniquely her own.

She started playing the piano at just 4 years old and by the time she reached 14, she was already teaching music and vocals at her church. Her extensive skills span across various instruments, including the drums, bass, guitar, piano, and saxophone, demonstrating her extraordinary versatility and dedication to music.

Official single cover artwork of "Smokin'" which sees Brandon-Nicole standing in the middle of a road with buildings staggered on either side, wearing black and holding a saxophone.

Beyond her artistic talents, Brandon-Nicole is also a dedicated humanitarian. She has plans to open schools and hospitals overseas, driven by her awareness of the need for resources and education in impoverished areas—a concern highlighted by her global travels.

Currently, she is pursuing a PhD in Educational Leadership, adding to her already impressive academic achievements that include Bachelor’s degrees in Music, Health Education & Promotions, and Culture & Society. Her commitment to education and continuous learning ensures that her music is constantly evolving and deeply enriched by her extensive knowledge.

“Smokin'”, by Brandon-Nicole, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms via CSP Music Group.

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