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Remember Summer Transforms Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” with Nostalgic Folk Dream-Pop Vibes

by Jonathan Currinn
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Remember Summer, the dynamic duo comprised of Northern Irish musician Paddy Conn from indie pop band Swimming Tapes and English vocalist Angelina Dove, have put their unique spin on Miley Cyrus’ iconic anthem “Wrecking Ball”. The pair, who met in 2016 while working at a café in Forest Gate, have been creating music together ever since, drawing on their mutual love for nostalgic, dreamlike soundscapes. This acts as the follow-up to their 2021 sophomore EP, titled “Dreamdiaries#2”.

This latest release marks a new chapter for Remember Summer. The duo has infused the contemporary pop hit with their signature folk-infused dream pop style, creating a version that glows with warmth and nostalgia. The track features raw synths and echoing vocals, giving it a vintage feel while staying true to the emotional intensity of the original.

Official single cover artwork for Remember Summer's "Wrecking Ball" originally by Miley Cyrus, which sees Angelina Dove swinging on a swing with sunlight streaming through behind her.

Impressing with dynamic vocals around a fusion folk-pop sound, this duo add a whole other level to the Miley Cyrus song that we all know and love. Symphonic in its own way, this folk-pop duo have truly made this song their own, unlocking emotional integrity and an unforgettable heartfelt intensity.

The song is bolstered by the awesome music video accompanying the track and has been edited by Baby Dove, containing clips from the 1967 film “Bonnie & Clyde”. By featuring scenes from the movie, the visual feels almost like a film soundtrack music video, combining stylistic clips of Angelina Dove with “Bonnie & Clyde”; in doing so, it makes the film’s story even more passionate.

Dove explains the personal connection she feels with the song: “Metaphorically spot on; I think I’m an ‘exploding doormat’ personality type. A really long fuse, but once it’s lit…’Wrecking Ball’ resonated with me, I feel like I’ve been there. The explosions, the disappointment, indifference even.”

Remember Summer’s music is characterised by its nostalgic, dreamy, evocative quality, blending dusty synths and wistful lyrics to evoke memories of endless summer nights and solitary desert road trips. Their sound captures the essence of those fleeting, magical moments just before the seasons change, encapsulating the bittersweet beauty of time slipping away.

After meeting while working at the Forest Gate café, the pair started to come up with songs just to pass the time in the hot kitchen. Dove goes on to reminisce about the origins of their collaboration: “Summer of ’16 became the year of collaboration for Paddy and I. We started swapping ideas at work. It all started as a bit of fun really, sort of a distraction to stem boredom but when the cafe went bust the following year and we both got fired we realised that we’d started something we missed more than frying eggs. Since we live five minutes away from each other we’ve kept it up. This is ‘Remember Summer’.”

Remember Summer’s interpretation of “Wrecking Ball” showcases their talent for reimagining familiar songs through their unique artistic lens, offering listeners a fresh yet nostalgic experience. As they continue to release new music, fans can look forward to more enchanting creations from this talented duo.

“Wrecking Ball”, by Remember Summer, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Reimagine Records.

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