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“Play With Fire”: Reality Star and Designer On Mekahel Turns Up The Heat With Electrifying Dance-Pop Debut Single

by Jonathan Currinn
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On Mekahel is stepping into the music world with his first single, “Play With Fire”. Known for his fashion brand Mounderwear and his appearance on the reality show Putting On, On Mekahel is now adding pop artist to his resume. His debut track, crafted by DJ Ran Ziv, combines lively European house beats with dance-pop rhythms, embodying the excitement and energy that define his diverse career.

Written by Ido Nadjar, On Mekahel, and Ran Ziv, according to Spotify, “Play With Fire” is a highly-addicted dance track that suits On Mekahel amazingly. Inspired by his husband, whom he describes as the most attractive man in his eyes, the track explores the intense passion felt during the initial moments of connection with someone special. It starts off with hypnotic vocalise, transcending into a captivating first verse with awesomely strong vocals, before launching into an unforgettable chorus that has a sense of current mainstream Eurovision-dance-style melodies,

He then draws the tone back down as vocalise is added as a subtle end to the chorus before the entire song is turned up to 11 for the incredibly fired-up dance drop. This drop plays around with tectonic beats and an intense rhythm, perfectly matching the meaning of the lyrics, tightly packaging this flawlessly. The song ends with vocalise, bringing it full circle and enchanting listeners to play the song on repeat—we sure are!

“‘Play With Fire’ is about that passion people feel, especially in those initial moments of being drawn toward someone they are meant to share a deep connection with,” On Mekahel explains. “I set out to make a fun track for the summer that captures the level of energy, excitement and vulnerability that exists only on the dance floor. When my husband and I go out to clubs, we can find ourselves in a sea of people, yet it feels like it’s just the two of us together because our connection is so strong. It’s like some magnetic attraction.”

Mekahel’s foray into music is part of a larger project, an EP he is currently working on. This intoxicating track marks his decisive entry into the music industry, perfect for summer which is when dance music usually comes into its own, every year. “I had an epiphany last year after some personal struggles,” he reveals. “It was time to stop doubting myself and to go after my musical ambitions.”

A multi-faceted entrepreneur, On Mekahel’s career spans modelling, acting, fashion design, and social media influence, boasting millions of followers. He rose to fame through Putting On, a series that chronicled the challenges and triumphs of his personal and professional life as he built the Mounderwear brand from scratch.

For those who aren’t aware, Mounderwear is a distinctive men’s underwear fashion brand known for its stylish swimwear, underwear, socks, crop tops, and caps. With a minimalist color scheme of white and black, and a vibrant pride collection, Mounderwear stands out for its inclusivity and bold designs. On Mekahel, who previously worked as a personal assistant to Naomi Campbell, launched Mounderwear with the support of his family and husband. Despite challenges, including economic hurdles during the pandemic, On Mekahel successfully introduced a unique swim line in 2021, solidifying Mounderwear’s reputation for thoughtful and inclusive fashion. Today, Mounderwear continues to thrive, with On Mekahel recently announcing the company’s summer 2024 collection.

Beyond fashion, On Mekahel also leads a creative agency specialising in social media marketing and video production. Born in Israel to a CPA and lawyer father and a naturopath doctor mother, he always had a penchant for performance. After serving in the Israeli army, On Mekahel moved to New York to study acting at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, where he also worked as a personal assistant to the aforementioned supermodel. In 2019, he relocated to Los Angeles with his partner, David Cederberg, whom he married the same year in Paris.

“Play With Fire”, by On Mekahel, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. Look out for his forthcoming EP as well as the 2024 summer collection for his fashion brand, Mounderwear.

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