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Miss Randall From Qarinah Unveils Epic Empowering Single “Spirit”: An Incredible Ode to Dead Can Dance

by Jonathan Currinn
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Portland-based singer-songwriter and drummer Miss Randall, known as one-half of the metal duo Qarinah, has released a gripping rendition of “Spirit” originally by Dead Can Dance. Noted for her ventures in the LA and CDMX metal scene, Randall, formerly of Rusty Eye fame, has partnered with Germany-based Waldemar Sorychta, a distinguished figure in the European metal sphere known for his work with bands like Lacuna Coil, Tiamat, and more, for music releases as Qarinah. They released their debut single last month, titled “Hell or High Water”.

“Spirit” serves as more than a mere cover; it stands as a profound homage to fortitude amidst life’s trials, urging belief in oneself to triumph over these obstacles. It intricately weaves a narrative of personal growth, symbolising the journey toward accepting and navigating unfulfilled dreams. Beyond its melodic notes, the song resonates as a beacon of hope, arriving at the perfect juncture of Yule (as the single was released on December 22, 2023), infusing the seasonal spirit with an invitation to embrace fresh starts.

This reimagined rendition stands as an anthem for resilience, speaking to the hearts of listeners navigating their own paths. Carving an intricate body of sound filled with spiritedness and positivity around a progressive rock energy that fluctuates in heaviness so that it does not just appeal to rock fans but music fans alike. A composition that is flawless, “Spirit” by Miss Randall touches all who listen to it and encourages individuals to acknowledge their inner strength, confront past disappointments, and step boldly into the promise of new beginnings.

This collaboration between the singer-songwriter/drummer and the virtuoso guitarist/composer that makes up Qarinah harmoniously bridges classic metal influences with novel dimensions. Anticipate a forthcoming four-song EP, housing the recently released compelling single “Hell or High Water” (which was released a week before Miss Randall released “Spirit”), alongside a meticulously crafted full album which is currently undergoing pre-production with the plan to promote a crowd-funding campaign.

Promotional photo of the metal duo Qarinah in black and white which sees Miss Randall sitting next to Waldemar Sorychta.

“Spirit”, by Miss Randall, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Buio Omega Music. Look out for more new music coming from her and her metal duo Qarinah.

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