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Lowgo Unveils Electrifying Collaboration with Zach Zoya: “Soap Opera Pretty”

by Jonathan Currinn
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Prepare for an auditory delight as electronic music maverick Lowgo, the 23-year-old sensation, teams up with the talented Zach Zoya in their latest collaboration. Their spotlight track, “Soap Opera Pretty”, takes centre stage on Lowgo’s newly released EP, “From Here”. The EP acts as the follow-up to the single releases from the collection, “Soap Opera Pretty” and “Renegade”, which all act as the follow-up to his feature with Gengis Don on donSMITH, Joshua Bryant, and Stratøs’ single “I Admit It”, as well as “white elephant” in collaboration with Gabriella Zauna.

Collaboration has been the cornerstone of Lowgo’s career, with an impressive roster of artists he’s worked with, including Lou Phelps and Kris the $pirit. His commitment to artistic partnerships shines through in his latest release, “Soap Opera Pretty”, featuring the exceptional Zach Zoya.

“Soap Opera Pretty” takes the lead on Lowgo’s self-produced EP, “From Here”. This track acts as the introductory track to an EP that explores a multitude of emotions and themes. In a notable departure from his usual style, Lowgo shares, “I’ve rarely ventured into themes of heartbreak and darker subject matter. This EP is my attempt to change that.”

Stream “Soap Opera Pretty” by Lowgo and Zach Zoya on Spotify here:

Soulful vocalise kickstarts the track around opening piano notes, before launching into a progressive electro-soul beat that wraps around Zach Zoya’s voice beautifully. The chorus hits different, both production-wise and vocally, as notes are held and a slow-building rhythm is heard.

Acoustic guitar strings are played during the second verse, flipping the sound and connecting with the melody of Zach Zoya’s voice, almost as if the vocals were laid down first and the music was produced around Zach Zoya and the incredible way he delivers these emotional lyrics, connecting with the listener on a deeper level.

Relatable and understanding, the lyrics suggest that this male vocalist is willing to give their love a second chance even though it’s a complicated relationship. He believes in them and thinks his other half is perfect and beautiful. The ending lyrics are one many may be able to relate to, “I told you my love was toxic”, meaning he has identified that he can bring toxicity into a relationship, and he’s willing to overcome it.

The “From Here” EP is a four-track masterpiece, each with a distinct vocalist, infusing creativity and innovation into the project. Lowgo’s intentional song structure, marked by tension and release, is a defining element of this EP. The lyrics take on a more introspective tone, signalling a significant shift in Lowgo’s creative direction.

Stream the “From Here” EP on Spotify here:

Lowgo, real name David Lotey-Goodman, is far from your run-of-the-mill electronic music producer. His musical journey began at the tender age of two when he received a toy keyboard from his parents, igniting a lifelong passion for music. Lowgo’s jazz pianist background sets him apart, allowing him to effortlessly blend both traditional and cutting-edge musical techniques.

“From Here” promises to be an immersive musical journey that will resonate with fans of electronic music. Lowgo’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of the genre shines through in every note, making this EP a must-listen.

“Soap Opera Pretty”, by Lowgo and Zach Zoya, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms alongside his sophomore EP, “From Here”.

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