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Embarking on Epic Cinematic Brilliance: Iye Teblu’s “Gidi Gidi Gi” Redefines Colombian Cinema

by Jonathan Currinn
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In the heart of Colombian cinema, a visionary named Toby Holguín, known by his creative alter ego Iye Teblu, stands at the forefront of a groundbreaking movement. His latest triumph, “Gidi Gidi Gi”, transcends the traditional boundaries of storytelling, weaving a cinematic tapestry that captivates audiences globally. We embark on a detailed exploration of this extraordinary film that has not only earned critical acclaim but has also become a cultural phenomenon.

Unveiling the Cinematic Odyssey: Gidi Gidi Gi’s Narrative Intricacies

Produced by Colombian-based company, Mierda Frita, “Gidi Gidi Gi” isn’t just a film; it’s an immersive journey into the intricacies of human connections and the adrenaline-pumping world of bank robberies. Iye Teblu’s storytelling prowess, showcased through his roles as writer, director, producer, and actor, elevates the film to unprecedented heights. Alongside esteemed Colombian actors Alejandro Buenaventura, Susana Rojas, and Oscar Rodríguez, Iye Teblu brings to life a narrative that goes beyond heists, delving into the nuances of friendship with cinematic finesse.

Professional headshot of Iye Teblu which is a black and white photo where he is resting his head on his hands.

Cultural Reverence: Gidi Gidi Gi and the Legacy of Caliwood

At its core, “Gidi Gidi Gi” pays homage to the rich artistic history of Cali, Colombia. It’s a nod to the Caliwood movement of the 70s and 80s, a period when a group of visionaries shouted, “The country is collapsing, and we are partying.” Iye Teblu, standing as the contemporary torchbearer of this cinematic legacy, infuses the film with the echoes of Caliwood. The result is a narrative that not only entertains but also reveres the cultural roots from which it springs.

Global Triumph: Awards and Accolades Speak Volumes

The success of “Gidi Gidi Gi” extends far beyond the borders of Colombia. This cinematic gem has garnered acclaim at esteemed film festivals worldwide, including Berlin, Cannes, and Paris. The film’s triumph is a testament to Iye Teblu’s ability to craft a narrative that resonates universally. Awards from the Los Angeles Festivals, Rome International Movie Awards, Independent Shorts Awards in Los Angeles, and the Korea International Film Festival underscore the film’s global impact.

Cannes World Film Festival bestowed multiple awards upon “Gidi Gidi Gi”, including Best Director, Best Fantasy Film, Best Sci-Fi, and Best Experimental Film. These accolades mark a resounding success rarely witnessed for a national short film, solidifying Iye Teblu’s place among the forefront of contemporary filmmakers.

Full List of Accolades for “Gidi Gidi Gi”:


  • Los Angeles Festivals
  • Rome International Movie Awards
  • Independent Shorts Awards, Los Angeles (Two Awards)
  • South Films and Arts Academy Festival
  • Korea International Film Festival
  • Five Continents International Film Festival
  • The Grand Cine Carnival Maldives
  • Madras Independent Film Festival
  • Kiez Berlin Film Festival
  • Cinema Paris Film Festival Best Short Film
  • Cinema Paris Film Festival (Best Director)
  • Madonie Film Festival, Sicily (Best Short Film)
  • Madonie Film Festival, Sicily (Science Fiction)
  • Shunyatam International Film Festival
  • International Media Arts Film Awards
  • Hottomela International Film Festival
  • Cannes World Film Festival
  • Out Of The Can International Film Festival
  • Cannes World Film Festival: Best Director, Best Fantasy Film, Best Sci-Fi, Best Experimental (Four Awards)

Honourable Mentions:

  • Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival
  • Playback International Film Festival, Manchester, UK
  • HIFF – HALO International Film Festival


  • Hollywood Blood Horror Festival


  • Sweden Film Awards


  • Swedish International Film Festival
  • TIFA – Tiete International Film Festival Shorted
  • HIFF – HALO International Film Festival


  • AIFF Alternative Film Festival


  • Los Angeles Film Awards
  • Crown Wood International Film Festival
  • Dubai Film Festival
  • Film Boxe International Monthly Festival
  • American Golden Picture International Film Festival
  • Best International Film Festival
  • Cinematography & Photography Awards
  • Top Shorts

Iye Teblu’s Artistic Tapestry: From Music to Film

Beyond the realm of cinema, Iye Teblu—whose real name is Toby Holguín—has left an indelible mark in the Latin music landscape. His musical endeavours with Monsieur Job, boasting over forty-seven hits on Billboard’s Latin charts and counting—according to their website which includes screenshots of their chart successes—showcase a multifaceted artist with an unparalleled ability to navigate diverse creative landscapes. Within the last year, they have gone on to release a bunch of singles, gained hundreds of thousands of streams, and a collection album, titled “40 Single Hits”. Last month, they released the music video to their 2023 single, “Renancer”, which has gone on to receive over 1.1 million views.

From the Pitch to the Stage: Iye Tablu’s Renaissance Journey Unveiled

Iye Tablu’s journey from a heralded football player in Cali to a prolific artist is a narrative woven with passion, dedication, and artistic brilliance. His trajectory through the realms of music and film unveils a relentless pursuit of excellence. Whether crafting Latin chart hits or mesmerising audiences with cinematic creations, Iye Tablu’s unwavering dedication to his craft shines through.

Immersiveness: Exploring the Cinematic Brilliance of Iye Teblu’s “Gidi Gidi Gi”

As we delve even deeper into the cinematic brilliance of Iye Teblu and the enchanting world of “Gidi Gidi Gi”, it becomes evident that this film is not just a viewing experience—it’s a cultural phenomenon. “Gidi Gidi Gi” is a testament to the power of storytelling, cultural resonance, and the indomitable spirit of an artist pushing the boundaries of creative expression.

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