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Busted Achieves Milestone: “Greatest Hits 2.0” Secures The Band’s First-Ever Number 1 Album

by Jonathan Currinn
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In a triumphant moment that fans have been eagerly waiting for, the iconic British rock trio Busted has clinched their very first Official Number 1 album on the UK Albums Chart with “Greatest Hits 2.0”. This incredible achievement comes over two decades after the group made their debut, which was the single “What I Go to School For” and their self-titled album, both released in 2002.

Comprising of Charlie Simpson, Matt Willis, and James Bourne, the band are currently riding high on their 20th Anniversary & Greatest Hits Tour, where they’re treating fans to the best of their musical journey. The victory on the charts is a testament to their enduring popularity and timeless music.

The battle for the top spot was hard-fought, with Busted facing stiff competition from, last week’s number 1, fellow pop-rock sensation Olivia Rodrigo. However, the independently released “Greatest Hits 2.0” emerged as the champion.

Stream “Greatest Hits 2.0 (Guest Features Edition)” by Busted on Spotify here:

What makes this album even more special is the inclusion of a special Guest Features Edition, featuring collaborations with acclaimed artists such as the Jonas Brothers, Hanson, Simple Plan, The Vamps, and McFly. This diverse range of partnerships has clearly resonated with fans, propelling Busted to a career-best achievement.

The band’s journey on the Official Albums Chart has been a remarkable one. They previously enjoyed success with albums like “Busted” in 2002, “A Present for Everyone” in 2003, “Live: A Ticket for Everyone” in 2004, the 2016 reunion record “Night Driver”, and the 2019 release “Half Way There”. However, none of these reached the coveted Number 1 spot until now.

Expressing their gratitude, the band conveyed a heartfelt message to their fans through Official Charts: “We want to say thank you so, so much. We’ve got our first Official Number 1 album all thanks to you guys. Thanks so much to everyone who went out and bought it this week, you guys are incredible. We’re so happy, this one’s for you!”

“Greatest Hits 2.0” not only conquered the Official Albums Chart but also secured the top positions on the Official Vinyl Albums Chart, Official Album Downloads Chart, and the Official Record Store Chart. It’s worth noting that an impressive 78% of the album’s total sales came from physical copies, underlining the enduring appeal of vinyl and physical music in an increasingly digital age. On top of that, the album also charted at the top spot on the Official Scottish Albums Chart, and number 43 on the Official Irish Charts.

Stream the standard version of the band’s new album here:

Last week’s chart-topper, Olivia Rodrigo’s “GUTS“, remains a strong contender at Number 2 in its second week. With the UK’s most-streamed album of the past week, Olivia Rodrigo continues to make waves in the music industry, with her debut album “SOUR” also climbing three places to reach Number 5 in this week’s Top 5.

For Busted and their dedicated fanbase, this Number 1 achievement is a momentous milestone, marking the culmination of years of hard work and unwavering support. As they continue to captivate audiences on their tour and leave their mark on the music scene, “Greatest Hits 2.0” stands as a testament to their enduring talent and the power of their music to resonate across generations.

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