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“Tension” by Kylie Minogue makes a stellar debut on UK Official Singles Chart

by Jonathan Currinn
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On the UK Official Singles Chart, “Tension” debuted at number 19, making this another chart hit by the talented Kylie Minogue. This captivating track is beyond addicting and one that has proven to be popular in the UK.

Like its predecessor, “Tension” features the electro-pop, ready-to-remix style, featuring sexy lyrics from the Australian singer ready for a DJ set at LGBTQ+ bars. The break in the song in the chorus brings huge potential for improvised dance moves on the dance floor, and what better way to break the tension than by just being yourself and letting loose on the dancefloor?

The song’s debut on the UK Official Singles Chart is a testament to its immediate appeal. It burst onto the chart scene at number 19, a remarkable achievement for a newly released track, becoming the highest new entry of the week. This instant success underscores the undeniable talent of Kylie Minogue and the song’s potential to become a chart-topping sensation.

Watch the official music video to “Tension” from Kylie Minogue here:

As “Tension” continues to make waves on the UK Official Singles Chart, music enthusiasts eagerly anticipate Kylie Minogue’s future musical endeavours. With such a strong debut, there’s no doubt that Kylie Minogue has a promising journey ahead with the release of her upcoming album.

Call me Kylie-lie-lie / Don’t imita-ta-tate / Cool like sorbet-bet-bet.

Kylie Minogue – Tension lyrics

It’s not just the UK that is obsessed with this track; it has gone on to chart at number 5 in Latvia, number 10 in New Zealand, number 18 on the US Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs, number 30 on the Germany Download Chart, number 34 in Ireland, number 46 in Australia, and number 47 on Canada’s Digital Songs Sales Chart. As for additional charts in the UK, it has debuted right in at number 1 on the UK Sales Chart, the UK Downloads Chart, and the UK Physical Singles Chart, and number 5 on the UK Independent Chart.

“Tension” by Kylie Minogue is now available for streaming and downloading on all major platforms, via Darenote under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited. Its impressive debut on the UK Official Singles Chart marks the beginning of what promises to be an exciting musical journey for Kylie Minogue and a new favourite for music lovers.

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