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Splice Collaborates With Creators Subb-an, Nayana Iz, Tev’N, and Tsunaina to Flip Aaroh’s South Asian Sample Packs

by Jonathan Currinn
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Music creation platform Splice has once again demonstrated its commitment to innovation and community collaboration by launching a unique initiative to flip the popular Aaroh sample packs. Aaroh, a sample label representing the vibrant sounds of South Asia, was introduced by Splice late last year and has since captivated musicians and producers worldwide. The initiative aims to breathe new life into Aaroh’s sounds through the creativity of emerging artists.

The “Aaroh Flipped” collections feature the work of four dynamic artists of Indian and South Asian descent: Subb-an, Nayana Iz, Tev’N, and Tsunaina. Each artist has infused their distinct style and perspective into their favourite Aaroh samples, resulting in fresh and original musical creations. The rollout of these collections began with Subb-an’s pack which is now available to the public. Fans can look forward to the upcoming release of Tsunaina’s collection on July 22, following today’s release of Nayana Iz and Tev’N’s collections.

In addition to these artists, two in-house Splice producers, Ayesha and Baalti, have contributed their own “Aaroh Flipped” packs. Both Ayesha’s and Baalti’s collections are now available, bringing their professionalism and personal styles to the table. They’re definitely sample packs that are going to make an impression on all who use them as they are Splice’s in-house producers.

Dani DiCiaccio, Vice President of Content at Splice, expressed excitement over the innovative ways artists are transforming Aaroh’s sounds. “One of the coolest things about working at Splice is seeing how artists take our sounds and shape them in surprising, innovative ways. Our subscribers have been loving the Aaroh label sounds we released last November and taking the original tracks and making them their own. Some were so good, we decided to package them up in special collections we called ‘Aaroh Flipped’. We think people are going to love these new takes on Aaroh.”

The original Aaroh label, launched in November, features five distinct sample packs that explore the rich and diverse musical traditions of South Asia. Aaroh has quickly become a favourite among Splice users, who appreciate its unique blend of traditional and contemporary sounds.

Splice, known for its extensive catalogue of over 28 distinct sample labels covering more than 130 genres, continues to push the boundaries of music creation. From Amapiano to UK Drill and the breakout sound of Phonk, Splice offers an unparalleled range of sonic possibilities.

Founded by Steve Martocci and Matt Aimonetti, and currently led by CEO Kakul Srivastava, Splice provides musicians with access to high-quality, licensed samples and powerful AI tools to inspire and accelerate their creative processes. Through its subscription service and rent-to-own Gear marketplace, Splice remains at the forefront of the music production industry, empowering creators to bring their musical ideas to life.

Subb-an’s Aaroh Sequences

Subb-an’s contribution to the Aaroh Flipped initiative, titled “Winds of India”, focuses on creating short, repeatable pieces of music known as loops. These loops can be used at different speeds, ranging from 100 to 140 or 150 beats per minute (bpm). This makes them highly versatile and suitable for various musical styles. Drawing inspiration from artists like Four Tet, Bonobo, and Maribou State, Subb-an blends natural and electronic sounds to produce a vibrant mix. This unique style showcases his talent for combining different musical influences into cohesive and captivating tracks.

Hailing from Birmingham, UK, Subb-an is a prominent electronic music artist renowned for his deep, groovy basslines and hypnotic rhythms. His DJ sets are a masterclass in creating an immersive sonic experience. With releases on prestigious labels such as One Records, Spectral Sound, and Crosstown Rebels, Subb-an has established himself as a producer of exceptional skill and vision. He has collaborated with notable artists like Mathew Jonson, Seth Troxler, Enzo Siragusa, and Tom Trago. Supported by influential DJs such as Ricardo Villalobos, Sonja Moonear, and Peggy Gou, Subb-an continues to push the boundaries of electronic music through “Winds of India”, offering listeners a fresh and exciting reinterpretation of Aaroh’s South Asian sounds.

Official artwork for Subb-an's "Aaroh Flipped" collection which sees an image of himself bordered by red and yellow colours.

Ayesha: Freaked Tabla

In the tranquil setting of north Goan palm groves, Ayesha has ingeniously reworked and infused her signature style into traditional Tabla loops. Known for her innovative use of Indian and diasporic percussion in her productions, Ayesha has skillfully chopped, regrooved, and resampled these loops to span a wide range of tempos. Her collection offers a uniquely offbeat interpretation of classic sounds, appealing to fans of percussive techno, psytrance, jungle, UK bass, and leftfield electronic music fans.

Official artwork for Ayesha's "Aaroh Flipped" Splice collection showcasing a graphic character design of herself bordered by red and green colours.

Baalti: Spice Box

Baalti’s collection, “Spice Box”, is a vibrant blend of their South Asian heritage and global dance influences. Inspired by their experiences from the streets of Mumbai to the dance floors of Berlin, Baalti has curated a treasure trove of samples that reflect their musical journey and evolution.

At its core, “Spice Box” embodies a fusion of traditional Bollywood aesthetics with contemporary club influences. Baalti has meticulously reinterpreted vintage Bollywood samples, injecting them with fresh, high-energy club vibes. Delve into this pack to discover complex layers of percussion intricately woven together, a signature element of Baalti’s distinctive sonic palette, complemented by innovative production techniques tailored for today’s dance floors.

“Spice Box” not only captures the lively essence of Bollywood’s cinematic flair but also channels the infectious energy of underground dance music. Baalti’s attention to detail ensures that this collection sparks creativity and enhances productions, making it an indispensable tool for producers seeking cutting-edge sounds infused with cultural richness.

Official artwork for the Baalti "Aaroh Flipped" collection which sees a graphic character design of the duo surrounded by orange and purple colours.

More Aaroh Flipped Collections to Come

As the “Aaroh Flipped” collections roll out this summer, music producers and fans as well as creators alike can look forward to experiencing the innovative reinterpretations of South Asian sounds, reaffirming Splice’s role as a tool for musical creativity and cultural exchange.

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