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Rich Campanella’s “Over and Over” Set to Shine on Sirius XM Radio

by Jonathan Currinn
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Rich Campanella & the Sunrise Band are poised to introduce their album’s title track, “Over and Over”, to a wider audience in the next few weeks. The debut is set to take place on Friday, October 20, 2023, on Little Steven’s Underground Garage, Channel 21 on Sirius XM Radio. This special moment will occur as part of guest host Genya Raven’s “Goldies’ Garage” from 11 pm to Midnight.

“Over and Over” is a heartfelt anthem that explores the journey of rediscovering love and embarking on a fresh relationship. The lyrics resonate with the sentiment of healing and new beginnings: “My heart is on the mend, with my newfound friend, and that is you.”

The rhythmic rock anthem commences with iconic guitar riffs that set the tone for the song’s melody and rhythm. Rich Campanella enters with his soul-stirring rock vocals, effortlessly hitting impressive notes that resonate with deep emotion, underscoring the profound personal significance of this track.

His heartfelt delivery is complemented by the flawless guitar riffs, elevating the song to exceptional heights. The lyrics brim with positivity, offering a fresh perspective on life as he rediscovers love, while the guitar-driven backing track exudes an infectious optimism that captivates every listener, instilling a sense of hope.

Stream the track by Rich Campanella & the Sunrise Band on Spotify here:

Rich Campanella describes his collection of songs as “New classic rock for a New Era.” He draws inspiration from a variety of guitarists and bands such as Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, The Allman Brothers, Steve Howe of Yes, The Marshall Tucker Band, and Badfinger.

As a skilled songwriter, Rich Campanella possesses the ability to craft melodies intertwined with impactful lyrics that captivate audiences. His versatility as both a vocalist and lead guitarist has enabled him to collaborate with talented musicians from prestigious institutions such as Berkeley, Juilliard, and Broadway, culminating in the creation of his electrifying band.

Rich Campanella performing whilst wearing dark shades and holding a guitar in front of a microphone.

Noteworthy producers, including Lorenzo Crescibene (known for his work with Blues Traveler, Darlene Love, and Kirk Franklin) and Emmy Award winner Arturo Barrientos (notable for his collaborations with Shakira), have contributed to Rich’s musical journey. On the track “Over and Over”, Jack Mikolajczyk – known for his role in “Jersey Boys” – handles the drums, while Robbie Sko brings the Hammond B3 electric organ to life.

Rich Campanella’s journey in the world of entertainment is nothing short of remarkable. He has auditioned as a singer for popular talent shows such as The Voice, X Factor, American Idol, and America’s Got Talent. In addition, he has made appearances as a SAG-AFTRA actor on reality shows aired on HGTV and CMT country music television. His acting talent has also been showcased on shows like “The Americans” alongside Keri Russell.

In the realm of sports, Rich’s unique experiences include being interviewed for ESPN’s Dream Job contest, where he stood out among a pool of over 1,000 applicants during auditions. Interestingly, he even dabbled in semi-pro American football as a walk-on quarterback in his earlier years.

Rich Campanella posing with a tall black guy who has his hand around Rich. They are both smiling.

Rich Campanella’s versatility extends to his role as an on-air correspondent. He has conducted interviews with a diverse range of celebrities, including Evander Holyfield, Paul Sorvino, Frank Gifford, David Cassidy, Steve Forbes, Buzz Aldrin, Robert Irvine from “Restaurant Impossible”, and the casts of TV shows such as “Chuck”, “Psych”, and “Burn Notice”, amongst many more. His interviews have been broadcast across the nation, starting from AM and FM radio in California and the Midwest, and most recently on iHeartRadio in the Florida markets.

The roots of Rich’s musical journey run deep, with his family having a significant musical heritage. His grandmother, Bette, was Frank Sinatra’s first piano player in Hoboken, and his mother and uncle Pat were part of a band that included Louis Prima. Rich’s grandfather had songs published and featured on the radio, and he even patented some accessories for acoustic guitars.

Stream the full album titled “Over and Over” on Spotify here:

The debut of “Over and Over” on Little Steven’s Underground Garage promises to be a momentous occasion, adding another chapter to Rich Campanella’s multifaceted career in the world of music and entertainment.

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