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Ren’s “Sick Boi” Hits Number 1 on UK Official Albums Chart in a Breakthrough Independent Moment

by Jonathan Currinn
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Welsh artist Ren, whose full name is Ren Erin Gill, has achieved a significant milestone in his career by securing the number one spot on the UK Official Albums Chart with his latest release, “Sick Boi”. This independently released second studio album from the breakout star marks his first-ever chart-topper, and it was a hard-fought victory in a week-long battle against pop icon Rick Astley.

“Sick Boi”, a truly emotive body of work, showcases Ren’s courage in being open and addressing his physical and mental health struggles, including a diagnosis of multiple chronic illnesses, especially Lyme disease. Despite not having the backing of a major label and being unable to perform live due to his health issues, Ren acknowledges the unwavering support of his dedicated friends and fans. Their support played a vital role in helping him clinch the top spot on the UK Official Albums Chart.

Speaking exclusively to the Official Charts Company, Ren said: “It’s all because of the fans that this has even happened. We’ve done this independently and the main foundation of promotion has been the fans showing up and showing support. What they’ve done in terms of spreading it – the amount that I’ve seen them pushing this record – is incredible. I want to say thank you to them so much.

“This feels incredible, it’s so affirming. For me and everybody all my best friends around me who’ve worked on pushing this record. This means so much to me, it feels like a victory over my illness. It feels very empowering.”

Remarkably, “Sick Boi” also marks a significant achievement for the independent entertainment company The Other Songs, as it becomes their first-ever Top 10 album and their first Number 1 release. Founded in 2018 by brothers Alastair and Billy Webber, who previously worked with Island Records and Warner Records, The Other Songs has enjoyed a four-year-long partnership with Ren, culminating in this chart-topping success.

Rick Astley, known for hits like “Never Gonna Give You Up,” debuts at Number 2 on the chart with his ninth studio album, “Are We There Yet?,” reflecting the enduring popularity of this Lancashire-born chart stalwart.

As for last week’s chart-topper, Drake’s “For The Dogs,” it has slipped to the third position, making way for Ren’s triumphant entry.

Meanwhile, Australian multi-talent Troye Sivan has achieved a career-best ranking with his third full-length collection, “Something To Give Each Other,” securing the fourth position on the chart. This record, which includes notable singles like “Rush”, “Got Me Started“, and “One Of Your Girls”, adds to Troye Sivan’s impressive track record of Top 10 albums.

Troye Sivan’s “Something to Give Each Other” also dominates the UK Official Vinyl Albums Chart, proving to be the most sought-after vinyl record of the week.

Completing this week’s Top 5 is Holly Humberstone, the 2022 BRITs Rising Star winner. Her debut LP, “Paint My Bedroom Black,” lands at Number 5, while also securing high debuts on the Official Vinyl Albums Chart and the Official Record Store Chart, number 2 and number 3 respectively, further underscoring the success and diversity of the UK’s music scene.

Ren’s achievement with “Sick Boi” on the UK Official Albums Chart represents a remarkable triumph for independent artists and the power of dedicated fan support. The chart continues to reflect the evolving landscape of the music industry, where talented artists from diverse backgrounds can make their mark. Who will top the chart next?

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