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Official Selections Unveiled for the Tenth Annual NYC Web Fest

by Jonathan Currinn
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The Tenth Annual NYC Web Fest (NYCWF) has set the stage for a remarkable celebration of digital storytelling as it unveils its Official Selections. This milestone event, showcasing an eclectic mix of web series, pilot episodes, and short films from across the globe, will take place from November 10, 2023, to November 12, 2023. It marks a significant return to the festival’s roots in New York City, a homecoming that’s been long-awaited since 2019.

In a world where digital content has become a driving force, NYCWF stands as a pioneer, celebrating a decade of innovation and creativity. While the last few years have certainly posed challenges, the heart of independent filmmaking still beats strong.

Founder Lauren Atkins expressed her excitement, stating, “I cannot describe how excited I am for NYC Web Fest to return home to New York City. Even with a pandemic, rising costs, union strikes, and more, there is a pulse to New York City, and the spirit of independent film remains alive and well.”

The year 2023 promises to be a grand celebration, both of new content and a reflection on the past 10 years of groundbreaking digital storytelling. NYCWF has recently unveiled its distinguished jury for 2023, including the notable addition of British filmmaker Adjani Salmon, known for his web series “Dreaming Whilst Black”, which screened at the 5th Annual NYCWF in 2018 and has since made waves with deals from the BBC and A24 in the United States.

Joining Salmon are esteemed figures from the entertainment industry: actress & filmmaker Julie Cavaliere, writer Judith Davis, filmmaker & intimacy coach Jamie Monahan, comedian & filmmaker Dan Perlman, actor Tshepo Ramasia, and filmmaker Heidy Torres.

Here are the official 36 selections for NYCWF:

  • A Short Tutorial ~ Staatsburg NY, USA
  • Alpha/Beta ~ New York NY, USA
  • American Ghost Hunter in Prague ~ Prague Czechia
  • Benny and James ~ Los Angeles CA, USA
  • Chaotic Symphony ~ Montreal QC, Canada
  • Chateau Laurier ~ Toronto ON, Canada
  • Chill Girl ~ Los Angeles CA, USA
  • Don’t overthink It ~ London, United Kingdom
  • DRAMA HIGH ~ Queens NY, USA
  • Good Morning Cuomo ~ Brooklyn NY, USA
  • Illuminagents ~ Markham ON, Canada
  • Legit Married ~ Brooklyn NY, USA
  • Les Mal-Aimants ~ Québec QC, Canada
  • Love Undone ~ Boston MA, USA
  • Man of La Mansion ~ Portland OR, USA
  • Monologue ~ Collingwood VIC, Australia
  • Movers ~ Moscow, Russia
  • Q TRAIN ~ New York NY, USA
  • Reformed ~ London, United Kingdom
  • Rent Control ~ New York NY, USA
  • Revenge of the Black Best Friend ~ Toronto ON, Canada
  • Rick Younger Presents The Rick Younger Show Starring Rick Younger as Rick Younger ~ Pittsfield MA, USA
  • Second Team ~ Los Angeles CA, USA
  • Sky Tower ~ Fitzroy VIC, Australia
  • Spirit Quest with Jack Maxwell ~ Los Angeles CA, USA
  • STICKS ~ Tarzana CA, USA
  • Summer Camp ~ Montréal QC, Canada
  • Superposition ~ Moscow, Russia
  • The Followers ~ Melbourne VIC, Australia
  • The Hunted: NYCSS ~ Astoria NY, USA
  • The Powers That Be ~ Brooklyn NY, USA
  • Unlicensed and Unstoppable ~ Brooklyn NY, USA
  • Whala Whala: An Italian Dad Talk Show ~ New York NY, USA
  • Wipe me away ~ Montréal QC, Canada
  • Wispy ~ Ascot Vale VIC, Australia
  • With Grace, amazing Grace series 3 ~ Birchgrove NSW, Australia

Stay tuned for further announcements, including the schedule and speakers, set to be released alongside the upcoming nominations list. For now, congratulations are in order for the talented creators behind the 36 selected digital series and short films, who will soon have the opportunity to shine on the NYC Web Fest stage.

Official logo banner for the NYC Web Fest 2023 which shows a silhouette of New York at the bottom with a grey gradient background and the words "X The 10th Anniversary NYC Web Fest 2023".

For more information about check out the NYC Web Fest official website. We are looking forward to the tenth NYC Web Fest on November 10, 2023, to November 12, 2023.

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