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Mike Ruby’s “A Million You’s”: A Sonic Journey through the Track’s Sensational Introspection and Melodic Mastery

by Jonathan Currinn
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Toronto-based singer-songwriter Mike Ruby unveils a poignant musical narrative in his latest track release, “A Million You’s”. The emotive single, a centrepiece from his EP of the same name, navigates the realms of what-ifs, self-discovery, and introspection, offering listeners an intimate peek into the artist’s soul. This acts as the follow-up to the third single from the EP, titled “My Exes No”.

A masterful blend of raw, lyrically-driven storytelling and evocative melodies, “A Million You’s” captures the essence of Ruby’s profound musical journey. Co-produced with the talented Nathan Ferraro, the track resonates with authenticity, incorporating real instrumentation that breathes life into its soaring compositions and visceral lyrics.

Watch the official music video to “A Million You’s” by Mike Ruby here:

Stunning listeners with his talented vocals, Ruby delves into heartfelt heartbreak reflecting on how he wishes he had realised sooner how good someone would’ve been for him and how he’s sorry for the way he mistreated them. It’s a powerful introspective song that tells a story that listeners can relate to, and get behind.

An accompanying music video, directed by Justin Alexis, sees Ruby perform the track with passion and heart as relatable imagery is reflected onto him using a projector. The imagery expands the story, giving a visual take on the lyrics of the song, with cascading waves, videos of birds flying in the sky, and visuals of shadows which multiply into a growing population – linking right back to the song’s title.

This introspective piece is a testament to Ruby’s distinctive musical evolution, stemming from his early immersion in jazz at the Manhattan School of Music where he received a full scholarship as he pursued a career as a sax player; as well as his further exploration in the synth and dance genres during his time playing and touring with the band St. Lucia. The single stands as validation of his unique musicianship and unwavering commitment to storytelling through music.

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“A Million You’s”, both the focus track and the new EP, by Mike Ruby, are available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

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