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McKenzie Hunter Releases Highly Anticipated Third Installment in “Magic of the Damned” Series: “A Taste of Magic”

by Jonathan Currinn
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McKenzie Hunter has just dropped an exciting new book release titled, “A Taste of Magic”. This is the third instalment in the highly rated “Magic of the Damned” series. This e-book is now available to fans worldwide, promising an electrifying addition to an already spellbinding series.

In “A Taste of Magic”, Hunter delves even deeper into the mystical world she has masterfully crafted. The book is a thrilling continuation of a gripping saga where magic reigns supreme, and dark forces threaten to plunge the world into chaos. What sets this release apart is its sheer intensity and the promise of more captivating adventures within the enchanting realm of the “Magic of the Damned”.

Here’s what is in store for readers:

“For a fleeting moment, I had magic. Powerful magic. But the Dark Prince’s enemy stole it from me, making them the most powerful being in the world. Their primary goal is to destroy everything close to the Dark Prince, and that includes me.

With the threat of a magicless world, the prince’s life in danger, my loved ones at risk, and the impending destruction of the underworld, we’re in for a hell of a fight.

This time, however, my goals don’t align with the prince’s and he isn’t my strongest ally. It turns out we’re each other’s greatest weakness.”

Hunter’s ability to seamlessly blend magic, intrigue, and complex characters has garnered her a dedicated following, and “A Taste of Magic” promises to satisfy the cravings of her eager readership.

While the e-book format is readily available via Sky Publishing, fans await news of the paperback edition’s release, although the exact date remains a tantalising mystery.

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As the “Magic of the Damned” series continues to enchant readers worldwide, “A Taste of Magic” is bound to be a highlight of the year for fans. Don’t miss out on this electrifying addition to McKenzie Hunter’s magical world. Prepare for an unforgettable journey into the heart of darkness and enchantment.

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