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“Magnetic Muse Chapter 1”: Alyssa Rose Hunt’s Masterpiece Unveiled

by Jonathan Currinn
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Alyssa Rose Hunt, the Toronto-based artist with a magnetic sound that seamlessly blends the essence of old-school soul with contemporary magic, is on the cusp of a musical revelation with her latest creation, titled “Magnetic Muse Chapter 1”. This album release acts as the follow-up to her official sophomore album, “Woe”, which she dropped last year.

This alternative R&B/Soul album is not just a collection of songs; it’s a two-part masterpiece that takes us on a journey into the yin and yang of musical expression.

As listeners, we dive deep into the yang chapter, with the release of this album, characterised by bold instrumentation and lyrics exploring the initiation of romantic pursuits, with standout tracks that are bound to leave an indelible mark on your soul.

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The album’s opener is “Trapped In My Head” which takes us on an exploration of romantic connection. Introducing us to her soul-pop sound that has been inspired by bluesy tones, the backing track truly gives Alyssa Rose Hunt the spotlight encompassing her gorgeous vocals as she deliberates on whether she should confess her emotions. Bound to touch hearts around the world, this track is easily a stand-out, and yet, it’s only the first track on the album.

“You” follows next, which unlocks her bluesy vocals whilst keeping her modern signature storytelling vibe. The track is surrounded by awesome live orchestral instruments that make us wish we could hear this performed on stage with an actual orchestra. It’s not the only passionate track on here, with “Muse” taking up the direction and making an impact with her rich vocals that come straight from the heart. There are clear crisp vocal runs that give chills to the listener as she lyrically sings about how she’s falling for someone.

The fourth track on the album is “Speechless”, which is darker and more haunting with a deep indie guitar rhythm that is emboldened by some drums as well as her incredible voice. Once again she continues this story of craving her love interest’s body and how they make her speechless every time she’s around them. Addicting and atmospheric, this one is the one that will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day – we know it will be in ours.

“Take Me” is the next track, which has a more indie-pop-rock vibe, with the instruments flaring up with an incredible guitar solo towards the end – this deserves to be picked up by indie-pop-rock playlists around the world. Track six is “More Than”, an impassioned and heightened sound that develops into a rhythmic experimental fusion as the live orchestra expands with a strong saxophone guiding the guitars and drums, making this memorable and unique.

The album ends with “Way Back”, which starts off sonically soulful with the orchestral instruments, while Alyssa Rose Hunt starts to build and craft her reminiscent story in her lyrics. As the song builds she delivers with emotional integrity, making us feel every single word, with the backing beat following her direction. This track alone is artful and truly shows her artistry – exciting us for the sequel album which will focus more on the “yin” side of yin and yang, we presume, considering this one’s focus was on “yang”.

In “Magnetic Muse Chapter 1”, Alyssa Rose Hunt paints a sonic landscape where vintage soul meets modern magic. This album isn’t just about songs; it’s about emotions, experiences, and the intricate stories we tell ourselves in the pursuit of love. Her fusion of old and new, combined with authentic storytelling, creates an album that resonates deeply with listeners.

As we eagerly await the next chapter, “Magnetic Muse Chapter 2”, Alyssa Rose Hunt has left us with a compelling musical narrative that’s impossible to resist. This is one collection of tracks we’d love to listen to again and again as she captivates, experiments, and delivers in every single way.

“Magnetic Muse Chapter 1”, by Alyssa Rose Hunt, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

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