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“Crazy”: Liv Hanna Navigates Love and Toxicity in New Single

by Jonathan Currinn
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Liv Hanna, the rising star known for her distinct blend of Alt-Pop and Dark Pop, is back with a bang as she releases her latest single, “Crazy”. Following the success of her previous singles, “Back To Hell” and “lonely”, Hanna’s newest track promises to captivate audiences with its signature sound and poignant lyrics.

“Crazy” delves into the intricacies of love and toxic relationships, portraying the inner conflict of wanting to stay despite recognising the need to depart. Hanna’s emotional vocals and poignant songwriting vividly capture the struggles of being trapped in a harmful romance.

You know that the relationship isn’t healthy, but also don’t want to quite let go of that chaos and the life that you live when you are with that person,

Liv Hanna revealed in a press release for “Crazy”

Her honesty and vulnerability shine through in every note, making “Crazy” a relatable and empowering anthem for anyone navigating the complexities of love. Hanna proves herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the gentle indie-pop music scene. Backed by the masterful production of budding producer Sam Merkan, “Crazy” boasts an irresistible blend of piano-laced instrumentals and Hanna’s dynamic vocal range.

“It’s always hard to walk away from a relationship even after recognizing it no longer serves you, and this proves true for many reasons,” Hanna explains. “One reason being change and knowing that when you leave said relationship, you’ll no longer have the excuse of being encompassed by chaos or falling into whatever negative habits that you two practiced together. If it’s love, even if it’s doused in toxicity, you don’t want to say goodbye to the person – even though they might be dragging you down along with them. It’s this crazy cycle that will continue until one person breaks the pattern and comes out of it on their own. Until then, let’s love like ‘crazy’.”

Hailing from New York and currently based in Miami, Hanna is just 20 years old and is swiftly rising in the indie-pop world, what with her gorgeous vocal range and awesome songwriting talent. Her previous single, “lonely” has gone on to be streamed on Spotify over 50,000 times, and it looks like “Crazy” is on a trajectory to beat that. Garnering attention from media outlets such as Metropolitan Magazine, RTE, and BuzzFeed, Hanna’s star continues to rise with each new release.

But “Crazy” is just the beginning for Hanna, who has a lineup of singles planned for release this year. With her unique sound and undeniable passion for music, Hanna is poised to make a lasting impact on the music scene.

“Crazy”, by Liv Hanna, is available to download and stream, right now, across various platforms. Expect more new Liv Hanna music to be released soon.

Official cover artwork for "Crazy" which sees a black and white head shot of Liv Hanna holding a lighter to her face.

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