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“Better Type”: Coco Quinn Unveils Her Emotional Ballad in a Captivating Return

by Jonathan Currinn
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Gen Z luminary Coco Quinn has once again mesmerised her audience with the release of her latest single, “Better Type”. This is her first new solo material since February 2022, and she absolutely stuns with this ballad, showcasing how incredibly far she has come during those almost two years. This acts as the follow-up to her feature on Station Little’s single “My Best Friend” alongside Angelic Montero.

The poignant ballad delves into the depths of heartbreak, delivering a hauntingly beautiful melody that’s poised to become the anthem of this cuffing season. With its resonant themes of strength and collective healing post-relationship, this song promises to captivate listeners, inviting them to immerse themselves in its compelling narrative.

Co-written by Coco Quinn and Zach Zorgen, with the latter also co-producing alongside Rob Resnick, “Better Type” really hits listeners in the heart as Quinn sings about her ex and how they are now with someone who reminds her of herself what with the brown hair and brown eyes, convincing her it was because of distance but they are apparently making it work with someone else. It’s a tale as old as time, one we’ve seen again and again, but Quinn has made it feel new and fresh, bringing lyrics to the table that are effortlessly relatable, incredibly engaging, and full of honesty that clearly comes from the heart.

Add that to her faultless vocals that give superb range and emotional integrity – it’s clear this means a lot to her. As the song flows through the verses and the chorus, Quinn impresses to no end, delivering vocally in every way, but then the bridge hits and she enters into her gorgeous falsetto that completely blows us away. Throughout the track, Quinn is complimented by piano chords that are subtle enough to allow her voice to be spotlighted throughout, giving us clear and crisp lyrics that send out chills to everyone who listens.

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Quinn stands tall as a prominent figure among Generation Z’s influential rising stars, boasting a diverse skill set that transcends boundaries. Not confined to her role as a teen singer-songwriter, she has gracefully showcased her versatile talents in realms spanning dance, acting, and modelling. Her expansive reach across numerous social media platforms is a testament to her universal allure, underscored by the staggering success of her music videos, collectively amassing over 50 million views.

Her journey in the limelight includes notable appearances on esteemed platforms such as Lifetime’s “Dance Moms”. ABC’s “Stitchers”, and Brat’s web series’ “Mani” and “Chicken Girls”. Additionally, she’s been featured in acclaimed publications like Tiger Beat Magazine, Just Jared Jr., and J-14 Magazine, solidifying her status as a versatile entertainer with a global reach.

As Quinn evolves her lifelong love for music into a thriving path as a recording artist, her aspirations reach far beyond the boundaries of entertainment. Her goal is to become a beacon of inspiration for girls globally, seeking to foster empowerment and courage by sharing her own personal journey.

“Better Type”, by Coco Quinn, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Seminal Records. With the release of this new single, Quinn’s new era is upon us and she invites us into her deeply emotional realm, harnessing the power of music to connect and resonate with listeners on a profound level.

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